Recently Added Listings

  • Blue H Technologies BV.

    Blue H Technologies BV. - Developer and manufacturer of offshore wind farms, specializing in deep waters several miles off the coast. Includes projects, related links, overview of technology and company headquartered in the Netherlands.

  • Dutchwind BV.

    Dutchwind BV. - Specialist reseller of used wind turbines from 80 kW to 3,000 kW, throughout Europe from their base in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Eolian Renewable Energy

    Eolian Renewable Energy - Overview of manufacturer that distributes power generation at commercial scales from Portsmouth New Hampshire.

  • Fuhrländer AG.

    Fuhrländer AG. - Manufacturer of variable speed turbines ranging from 30 kW to 2.5 MW. Includes model details, corporate aspirations, and location of plant in Waigandshain, Germany. [Multilingual]

  • Repowering Solutions

    Repowering Solutions - Offers consulting and supply of new and used wind turbines in Madrid, Spain. [English/Spanish]

  • Turbowinds NV.

    Turbowinds NV. - Produces 400 kW and 600 kW units, with diesel generator combination options. Included product details, related links, and profile of company in Bruxelles, Belgium.

  • Windflow Technology Ltd.

    Windflow Technology Ltd. - Offer 33m two-blade 500 kW units with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Includes projects in New Zealand and Australia, investment, and profile of company headquartered in Christchurch.

  • World Coal Institute

    World Coal Institute - Extensive information about coal, its formation, its utilization, its role in the economy, clean coal technology, coal and the environment, and related topics.