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The end of lengthy life-cycle analysis ?

Consultancy Best Foot Forward has launched its new Product Portfolio Footprinting service to accelerate impact calculations for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. As it compiles materials and emissions data about each component, Best Foot Forward then applies these to different product ranges and combines them with sales data. The company said it analysed over 300 Crown Paints in less than 10 weeks.

“Our business now has detailed footprints for all of our products manufactured in the UK, and we’ve used the findings to set sustainability targets for the business going forward,” said Mark Lloyd, sustainability manager at Crown Paints. “Crown Paints is working with our supply chain to target high carbon impacts, to see how we can reduce our final product footprints.”

The new product will help large companies understand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across their supply chains.

“Many larger businesses are looking for ways to reduce their total footprint in the most intelligent, efficient way,” Best Foot Forward director Simon Miller said. “It’s estimated that the top 100 companies together control more than one quarter of the key resources in global supply chains. Changing what those companies do can have a huge impact.”

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