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EWEA – wind could provide a third of Europe’s CO2 cuts

In its latest report, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) claims that by 2020, wind will meet around 31% of the EU’s 20% CO2 emissions reduction target. Moreover, if emissions avoided through the use of other renewables are included, the EU could reduce its emissions by 48%.

This “huge contribution of wind power shows it is possible for the EU to move from a 20% to a 30% emissions reduction target” with wind contributing around 20% of that reduction.

Rémi Gruet, EWEA senior advisor on climate and environment, said “An ambitious 2020 climate target is key to maintaining Europe’s leadership in the wind power industry in an environment of fast growing global competition from China, the US, South Korea and Japan.”

He added: “It is clear that by deploying wind energy and other renewables the EU can move to a 30% greenhouse gas reduction target with ease.”

For comparison, in 2010, EU wind energy avoided around 28% of the EU’s Kyoto reduction target and 56% of its domestic reductions goal. Turbines installed since 2005 avoided 78Mt of carbon dioxide emissions, or 83% of ETS required reductions.

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