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So You Want to Be a Flight Attendant?

Are you one of those folks who always looks at planes and wants to be on one? Do you dream of wearing polyester, working all night, cleaning up vomit, etc.? OK, maybe I’m not painting a very pretty picture, but you know who you are. For many of us, flying the friendly skies is a dream, but how do you turn that dream into a reality?

These days, it’s tough to get a job as a flight attendant. So many airlines are furloughing crew members instead of hiring them. However, if you really want to fly, there are opportunities available. You may have to start at a commuter airline or accept a job out of the country. Regardless, you can still get your wings if you want it bad enough.

These are some important things to think about when trying to secure a flight attendant job.

  • It’s all about safety. Most people think flight attendants are onboard to serve drinks. They are actually there for your safety. The FAA says there has to be one flight attendant for every 50 seats on a plane. They are there to get you safely off the plane if something should go wrong. The FAA doesn’t really care if you get a drink or not. 
  • It’s not as glamorous as it looks. Television shows do a great job of portraying the flight attendant position as very glamorous. What they don’t show is the not-so-glamorous part. Imagine spending 13 hours cleaning up after people. This is especially fun after a turbulent flight where many passengers have gotten sick. Let’s not forget about the dirty diapers, chewing tobacco and used tissues. Flight attendants are some of the only folks I know who smile as people hand them disgusting items to discard. 
  • You’ll get to see the world. This is true. However, most of it will be seen from a van window as you ride from the airport to the hotel. Many layovers are the FAA required minimum (eight hours) and often follow very long days (10+ hours). Not only is there no time for sightseeing, all you can think about is sleep. Of course, with some seniority, you will be able to hold the better trips with the longer layovers, but that will take several years.
  • You’ll rarely get a good night’s sleep. Don’t like getting woken up at 2 a.m.? You may want to reconsider your choice of career. New flight attendants are typically on call and can be assigned a trip anytime, day or night. In addition, you have to be able to get to the airport within two hours of being called. If a crew member is scheduled for an early sign in and wakes up sick, you will be the one called to replace him/her. Again, with some seniority, you will be able to say goodbye to reserve and hold a more normal schedule.

These facts are in no way meant to discourage anyone from being a flight attendant. It is definitely a great job. The time off is terrific, and you can use that time to really see the world (crew members fly free on their days off). Just make sure you’re ready for the reality of the job. If you are, then spread your wings and fly!

It has to be kept in mind that the job of a flight attendant is not at all easy but has a fair share of repercussions and can prove to be quite hectic and time consuming that would require an individual who has high level patience and perseverance in order to do it correctly, especially in private flights where you would have to cater to the unnecessary demands of your boss.

Four Luggage Tips for Easier Airline Travel

My airline travel luggage tips will help make the arduous process off lying a bit more bearable. People who don’t use airline travel luggage tips are asking for more inconvenience. Here’s four travel luggage tips that are simple and inexpensive to implement while using an airline:Don’t Check Your Most Valuable Items if You Can Absolutely Help It.


I repeat, don’t check anything that you can’t fathom to lose as a result of delayed, stolen, or lost travel baggage. That means don’t check baggage that includes your laptop computer, jewelry, camera equipment,money, etc. How many times do you hear un-savvy travelers whining and crying over missing luggage that purportedly contains something very very valuable? No one likes to deal with lost, stolen, or delayed airline travel baggage, but for those who carried on the items they just can’t afford to lose, they’ll at least have the consolation of having their most important goodies. And just think of all the red tape you’ll have to go through to file a successful airline claim on your lost or stolen possessions, if you can be successful at all? On puddle jumper flights,you’re still better off gate checking bigger items that they won’t let you bring on board because you turn them in to the airline staff just before boarding the plane, and they’re the first airline travel baggage you get once the plane lands .

If You Travel with Black Baggage, Make It Uniquely Identifiable .

At baggage claim, it’s obvious that black is the most common color of airline travel baggage, and given that your black bag is probably going to be very similar to several other bags on a typical flight, you will need to put something on your baggage that makes it standout like some strips of colored duct tape or a unique-looking baggage tag. For instance, I leave a Great Lakes Airlines luggage tag on my black bag even when I’m not flying that particular travel airline. It’s unique in style,so it’s easy for me to see my airline travel bag once it comes out at baggage claim.

Be at the Airport within Airline Guidelines.

For travelers who are advised to be at the airport for a domestic flight 1.5-2.0 hours in advance and 2-2.5 hours in advance of an international travel flight, do your best to be there at that time. Remember, that advance time may be inconvenient, but also realize that you may encounter very long lines at the check-in and security lines. Ask yourself just how fine you want to cut it for being at the check-in counter before they stop accepting check-in luggage, usually 1 hour before take-off? How inconvenient would that be if the counter people don’t get your baggage to the first flight because of one thing or another, even if they check it in at the last minute before the cut off time? Not having your luggage at your destination can cause many hours or days of inconvenience .

Use TSA-friendly Locks

TSA-friendly Locks’ packaging is identified as such when shopping for them at the hardware or retail store or when shopping online for baggage protection. Yes, they are a bit more expensive to purchase on behalf of your travel luggage than those small padlocks which open with those cheap keys. TSA-friendly airline locks can be opened without damage by the baggage inspectors. Yet for those who use the old locks, the TSA will break them open to inspect the luggage contents, and for the rest of your flight(s), your luggage doesn’t have a first line of protection; and thus, the odds of your clothing, souvenirs, etc., being stolen goes up.


Just follow the aforementioned tips and enjoy a safe and secure flight in the bargain with as lesser number of suitcases as possible because it will increase the burden on everybody.  Also, käsipagasi kohver would be the best option as you can carry the essentials like credit card, ID card, mobile phones and wallets so that they will always be in your sight and therefore less likely to get stolen.