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The Main Teachings Of Lord Buddha

The aura around Buddhism is amazing and many people believe that the Buddhist way is the right way to live but find it too tough but is it actually tough at all? To be honest our idea about Buddhism comes from Hollywood movies which are produced and idealized in California, far away from the home of Buddhism, India. We will show you that the basic Buddhist teachings are very easy to follow and any one make it their own to make their lives better.

The main teachings of Lord Buddha start with the Eight Fold Path and he came to this conclusion after years of meditation. He realized that the middle path is the right path and that living an extreme life of suffering gets you nowhere. You need to follow these paths to attain nirvana.

The Eight Fold Path comprises of:

  • The right view:

It means that you should have a right idea of the world so that we can get enlightened and not tarnish our karma.

  • The right resolve:

It means that we should peacefully renunciate the world and live a life with no ill in our heart.

  • The right speech:

One should not abuse or even be rude to others.

  • Right conduct:

One should present themselves well and not participate in any kind of ill activities.

  • The right livelihood:

One should only possess things that are necessary for their livelihood.

  • The right effort:

One should guard themselves from ill thoughts so as to have a peaceful mind.

  • The right mindfulness:

One should always be aware of what they are doing and they shouldn’t be absent minded. They should be completely aware and in control of their entire body.

  • The right concentration:

One should peace of mind and should practice meditation to do so.

Beneficial Tips For Living With An Alcoholic Husband

An individual is facing different types of issues in his/her life. If we talk about the females then the biggest issue which is faced by them is living with an alcoholic husband. Sometimes due to the inappropriate behavior an alcoholic some partners are feeling shame in front of other individuals. All these things are letting down them and breakdown their confidence completely. The wives those are facing these types of the situation they are always finding a suitable way by which they can improve the relationship. If you are facing similar issues with husband then upcoming information is beneficial to you.

Many individuals are trying to finish the addiction of their husbands of consuming alcohol. It is not possible for everyone. You are not able to stop someone from drinking or consuming lots of alcohol. In case, the drinker is not putting own efforts and ready for it then you cannot do anything. Another individual or wife is able to do help her husband is stop drinking if he wants to do it. Only your consent is not beneficial the efforts to stop consuming alcohol becomes beneficial if it includes the consent of your husband. For it, you are able to take help from reliable sources such as- proper website or de-addiction organization. The main thing that you want to do with the husband is you need to motivate him and provide him proper confidence by which he becomes ready to stop drinking.

With all these things, if you are not noticing the changes or getting beneficial changes then consider some strict ways. You should provide money to the husband for spending it freely on the consumption of alcohol. You never pay his alcohol or other bills on his behalf and follow a strict behavior against the habit of consuming alcohol.