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Free Sites that Will Pay You Online

A lot of people think it is impossible to earn money online and that the only way to make money online is by investing your own money into something online in order to make money, I have found that that is not true through Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review and now I have earned some extra money online and I did not have to invest any of my own money to earn money. The sites below all offer a way to earn money online without any investments.


I know a lot of people may know about this site and I personally know you can earn money on this site and you can earn it all for free. I have made some money on this site and I am still making money with this site, it does take a long time to make the cash-out limit when you are only doing the free offers, but it can be done. I have cashed out and got a $28.00 check sent right to my home address and all I did was complete some free offers and clicked the link in the emails they sent me. If you know anything about paid to read email programs than this site is for you, it is for anyone who wants to try and earn a little extra money online.

This site is new and they pay $3.00 for good tips. If you have a good tip about how to clean your car, how to save money, how to clean that stain on your rug or any other simple tip that has to do with daily life than why not try to get paid for it.

This is an easy site to earn money on and it is free. All you do is ask questions and answer other people’s questions and you earn money by doing this. It is that simple, I do not need to say anything else about it.

This site is different from most, it is free to become a member and all you do is design your own products. The site already has the products for you and they are all blank and ready for members to design them with pictures, writings, or any kind of art. When people order one of the products that you have made then you earn some money from that sell. It is hard to explain and better to understand if you see it for your self. Take a look at this site and find out how they can help you to start earning money online.

This site is free and easy to become a member. They pay their members to surf the web and complete other offers. When you do become a member you will have to download the FiestaBar in order to earn money as you are surfing online, so that they can keep track of how long you are online. Take a look at this site and read the information and give it a try.

This is another site that pays their members to surf the web and it also has a download that will track how long you are online surfing. You can also earn money by completing offers and referring other people to become members also.


This site is new and is in beta but you can still become a member and it is free. Once you become a member you can earn cash and shares. Once you install the Viewbar software it automatically records the time you’re actively online, and you will get paid for it. Once AGLOCO is public, Members will be free to sell their shares through the stock exchange, and also it is important to get others to join and you can also get paid for the people who join under you. This site looks interesting and it could become a top money-making site and best of all it is all free.

I recommend all of the above sites for anyone who wants to earn money online and they are all worth a try because they are free.

How To Make Extra Money

Picking out which online jobs are scams and a waste of your time can be hard. I’m going to suggest working for the texting service “KGB”. Here’s how the service works: A person texts KGB a question that they would like an answer to (for example: How many minutes are in a year?), then an Agent from KGB texts back with an answer after searching on the internet for it (for example: “There are 31,536,000 seconds or 525,600 minutes in one year!”). If you work for KGB, you are the one who is going to search for their answer. KGB pays 5-10 cents a question. Working for KGB, or course, has its pros and cons. I suggest trying it before you judge though.

In order to work at home, you’re going to need a computer and access to the internet. For many online jobs, you will need an updated version of the internet browser Firefox. KGB requires this. You’re going to need some of your financial information as well. With KGB, you are able to use a savings account or checking account. You are also going to need your SS (Social Security) number. This is all necessary to get paid.

If you plan to work for KGB, you will need to take a small “test” located on KGB’s website first. Don’t worry if you fail, you can take it as many times as you want. After passing it, you will receive instructions in an email. Follow them. The email will bring you to a “review” session. This will teach you the in’s and out’s of KGB and how they conduct things. It will give you tips, pointers, and the rules. After completing this, you will get another email.This next email will send you to a Simulation Testing. It’s simple. There is a guide at the top of the page that will help you along the way, telling you almost exactly where to find the answer and how to write it. Once you complete the Simulation Testing, your work is sent off to be reviewed. You will receive yet another e-mail. This e-mail tells you whether or not you are qualified to become an employee for KGB. The checking of James Scholes reviews is beneficial for the business industries. The testing of the fashion trends should be there to meet with the requirements. All essential information is available with online learners to gather education about fashion and growth of fashion industries.

If you pass and are qualified, congratulations! Your next e-mail will tell you how to set up a shift on KGB, and start working! If you have any questions, there is a constant chat going on within the Work page (that you’ll get a link to inside of the e-mail) where other agents can help you out.

As far as pay goes, you get paid the following month for the previous month’s work (you would get paid in August for July’s work). All of your money gets directly deposited into your account (no paper paychecks) on the third Thursday of every month. KGB is a great online job that can help bring in a few extra hundred dollars a month and still allows you to work at home. It’s worked or hundreds of people already, and it can work for you too!

Bitcoins-New Age Currency

There are many kinds of topic that you would love to explore and write about. There are many people out there who hate simply sitting idle at home, doing nothing and simply wile away their time.

They are all outgoing, outspoken and rebellious youngsters who are out to prove themselves that they are no less than anyone else. But, they intend to do it in their own way.

They are not the ones to rely on their parents to provide support (except moral) nor are they at the mercy of school teachers. They do not allow any university degree or certificate to prove their usefulness or worth in the outside world.

On the contrary, they love to keep the world at their fingertips and make the best of individuals from different fields to dance to their tunes and what’s more, they are successful in doing so with absurd ease.

They make and charter their own paths as per their convenience that is entirely based on their career choices that is unique and diversified and this constant shifting of preference makes them unstable and sometimes dangerous.

Fortunately for them, in 2009, there came a ‘currency revolution’ called the bitcoin that proved to be a golden opportunity for them in turning their passion into career.

The bitcoin is a crypto currency or digital currency that is decentralized in nature and does not have a central bank nor any kind of financial institution to watch over and monitor its actions.

You just need to hop over to this website called to give you a description of bitcoin, its process, benefits and limitations, pros and cons, and take you on a virtual tour to get to understand crypto-currency in its entirety.

Aside from bitcoin, you will also get to know more about other digital currencies competing in parallel with each other like limecoin, ripples, ethereum and others.