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5 Things We Miss About Retro Gaming

If you have grown up in the 1980’s or 90’s, you are sure to miss out on the good old world charm of retro gaming in modern BandarQ era. It’s true that games today are more technologically advanced. But there are certain amazing things about old-world gaming that a retro gamer longs for. The post below lists down the 5 things we miss about retro gaming.

No wait for online installations

Back in the retro gaming era, one only had to go to a game store, purchase his favorite game, come home and start gaming immediately. Things were very simple. But today, with modern virtual gaming, you have to wait for hours for a game to get installed in your device. It’s because modern games carry elaborate data sets that eventually claim prolonged deadlines.

Simpler controls

Gaming controls were fairly simple with retro gaming that kept the fun intact and enabled players to concentrate more on gameplay. If half of your time goes in finding the right arrow, how will you enjoy the game? Unfortunately, this is what you will mostly see with modern games. Most of the games today come with button sets that players have a hard time to master.

Demos of games

Ask any retro gamer what’s that one thing they miss badly with contemporary games, most of them would mention “demos”. Yes, demos so exist even today but not in its previous glory. They have been replaced by play & beta tests that are useful to publishers but not exactly to players.


Retro gaming was fundamentally local and the local arcades were the hotspots of gaming sessions. They were not only great for gaming but also for fostering new friendships. You will hardly find arcades today.


No matter whatever game you choose today, you will have to shell out money for in-game purchases as otherwise you can’t climb up to higher levels. But with retro-gaming, there was just a one-time purchase and no in-game purchases.

How to Turn an Old Office PC into an Affordable Gaming Platform

If you are not willing to invest a lot into buying a brand new gaming console for

Judi Online, you can inevitably set up your own gaming platform from an old office PC. It may not have all the stunning features of a proper gaming console, but given that you are on a budget, an old PC can very well cater to your needs. Old machines tend to have a lot of resilience which is a bonus, and you don’t need a super modern CPU to convert it into a decent gaming platform.

Step 1: Pick up an old office PC

The best part of picking an office PC is that they are made of enterprise-class components, thus making them of assured quality which can function well together for a long time. Ensure that the CPU has processors and chipsets upgraded to at least third generation for a smooth gaming experience.

You can find plenty of options on eBay and Amazon. Also consider “refurbished” options over “used”. You can also head over to a local reseller or local office IT department.

Step 2: Ensure that it meets your requirements before buying it

The machine you want to buy is old, so you should ensure that it is capable of doing what you want it to. For example, the key on the box is the same as the key used in the install or board. You should also research with images of the opened-up case and study it to make sure the machine meets your requirements.

Step 3: Upgrade the machine

After you buy an old office PC, provide it with the gaming essentials: a SATA SSD, a GPU, some RAM and a suitable graphics card. Ensure that your machine’s PSU has at least 45W capacity remaining after taking into account the rest of the components.

Gamers Like Pewdiepie And The Trashtalk Culture In Gaming

Online gaming can be made into a great opportunity to make friends from people who are hundreds of miles away. In a lot of games like Poker Online, you get to learn about various techniques and strategies that are needed in order for you to win through interacting with the more professional and highly-skilled players. With that said, it’s never really an easy task when it comes to firmly planting yourself into the world of online gaming. One of the factors, aside from getting to know the strategies, is have, what they call, thick skin, which will make you adapt to a culture that is deemed toxic by a lot of people. What are some of the reasons why people do this? How can a player cope with this?

It’s in a Virtual World

The trend is general in a lot of platforms that are part of the virtual world. This is why it’s not uncommon for you to find arguments springing up on social media every now and then about these people. This is because no matter how much they swear or pick on people, there is little to no chance that these people would actually find them.

How to Cope

There are a lot of measures you can observe for you to cope. You can either just let things be and just let it get out of your other ear the moment it enters, or you could look for another game with nicer players. There are some people who choose to do the latter and then end up staying where they are, as they are hooked on the game and are willing to do whatever just so that they get to continue playing. Whatever your choice will be, it matters most that you are happy with it.

Enhance Your Competitive Gaming With These 4 Games

Move over, Netflix. Video games and board games are on the rise with the need to connect with family members and friends in the age of digital entertainment. Listed in this article are 4 games, half of them video games and the other half board games which will help you regain the competitive spirit of gaming and allow you to have fun with your loved ones every once in a while.

  • The Sims

You may have come across people playing Sims as part of challenges in Youtube or other video streaming platforms but it is also a great game that you can indulge in, with your family. The 먹튀 of the Sims is basically your fantasy world. Their game build and characters are reflected off the real world where you can make up your own characters for living vicariously through them. The player gets to control the Sims to make them do whatever they want.

  • Minecraft

Once more, Mine craft is an insanely popular game that has been around from the ‘90s. The gameplay of Mine craft basically constitutes of players who can cut out or take blocks and build them into any shape they want to. There are no particular missions or goals to achieve in this world – it all depends upon the player and their creativity.

  • Scrabble

One of the best word games known to humankind, Scrabble works in the way that it appoints a certain number of alphabets to each player and you have to make up words with it. This game is especially fun when you are on a journey somewhere and your fellow group members are getting bored.

  • Monopoly 

Again a famous game, Monopoly is a favourite among all ages. Starting off at GO, you have to travel around the blocks and buy empty properties. You encounter jail and maybe if you are unlucky, you have to pay rent to someone. This game is all about money.