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Different kinds of Cooking for Students on a Budget

Thinking of cooking ideas can be a daunting task whether you are a college student on a budget or a gourmet chef. Keeping a few budget friendly recipes on hand will be very helpful along with some smart shopping and making a social event out of dinner time.

Budget Friendly Recipes

Invest in The Pampered Chef’s Season’s Best cookbook. It’s only $1 and filled with recipes at $2 per serving or less. If you are cooking for one, these delicious, healthy recipes can provide six meals for only $12! Keep storage containers handy and feed your fellow college students or save leftovers for later in the week. Stay away from recipes with too many ingredients. Recipes with a myriad of ingredients force you to purchase ingredients you will only use for this recipe and the remainder is wasted and typically ends up in your trash can.

Cooking with Friends

Make a social event out of meal time. Pick a meal you and your friends will all enjoy and split the ingredients. Invite everyone over to create your feast and assign everyone a different ingredient to bring. This is the perfect opportunity for some fun, learning, and fine dining all in one place. For friends, the choosing of the best pressure cooker 2020 can be done. The food in the cooker will be prepared for several persons.

Exercise Portion Control

If you make a meal that costs $2 per serving to make yet you eat it all in one sitting it definitely defeats the purpose. To avoid this, have your storage containers ready when you finish cooking. Put your meal onto your plate and the rest in the storage containers immediately. The storage containers go into the refrigerator or freezer before you sit down. Out of sight, out of mind! Not only will this keep your budget happy but it will keep your waist line happy.

Know Where to Shop

Aldi is a great quick shop to grab cheap food. Most college students know about Aldi but realize you won’t be making too many gourmet meals by shopping at Aldi. The best store for a budget gourmet chef has to be Costco. Buy the large jars of artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes. These veggies last forever even after opening and pack a flavor punch. Costco also offers a great deal on a large bag of Quinoa. Quinoa tastes like a carb but has the protein content of meat! A $9.49 bag of Quinoa from Costco can easily last you through two months of meals even if you are eating Quinoa regularly.

Just because you are a student on a budget doesn’t mean you have to eat like one! With a little preparation and some smart shopping you can dine like royalty on a pauper’s paycheck. In today’s economy businesses all across the food industry are coming together to market towards frugal shoppers with fine dining tastes. Use this new marketing strategy to keep money in your checking account and good food in your stomach.