Understanding School Visitor Management Software

Because of our modern technology, visitors in schools don’t have to write their names in the log book whenever they visit the place. This method is simply not safe enough.

Today, schools are scanning eyes and fingerprints to see if the staff or guest has a bad record. This is all because of the school visitor management software.  Aside from giving background examinations, this system could also track the number of times a person visited that place.

Scanning Background

Whenever a particular person visits the school, his or her official ID could be scanned by a reader that operates a background examination within several minutes. If the person could not provide an ID, he or she may not be allowed to visit the school, depending on the rules of the school.

After confirming that the visitor isn’t listed as a national sex offender, he or she must be asked why he or she wanted to visit the school.

Then, the staff could print a badge with the purpose of visit, name, picture, time stamp, and authorized areas that the person is allowed to go.

Data Benefits

Aside from protection, this type of system could offer powerful information.

For instance, the staff could print a report on how many times that person visited the place and conduct a research as to why he or she does that.

It could also help the school administration to pull information from the system that shows all the guests inside the building during an emergency. This would account the safety of everybody.

Managing Manual Process

Before a person could visit a school, they should explain why they want to visit in the first place.

Grandparents could be registered as capable of picking a student up. On the other hand, noncustodial parents are banned from entering the place.

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