Are you thinking to change your profession?

Do you want to know your right career Path?

In today’s world, where seeking right profession and career is crucial for success in life; individuals always seek to have better and better opportunities. Everyone has plans and opportunities but first you need to determine whether you are fit for that potential opportunity? Do you have the right personal skills needed for that specific job? If your choice is to be an entrepreneur, and you want to know which business is more suitable to you?

Here is the answer

Profession Number

Professional Number helps in expressing your business or job. It helps to choose right path which is helpful for your future ambitions. Your routine life duties are also related to this number. Sometimes you are in middle of making a career move and you seek advice from experts in hidden sciences. This number emphasize on your personal strengths to do a specific job or business. You can visit simply buzzes here to know about the numerology as a career. The preparing for the career is excellent for meeting the requirements of the people. Your ambitions are clear in the mind for the building of the career. 

In order to calculate this, you need to use your full name which is used in your documents.


If you want to know that your Profession Number is helpful in your recent choice. Consider the following example.

Vivek bharadwaj having name number 7 which is calculated by Chaldean Numerology alphabets which is precise for Indian names as follows you can find the table here.

V i v e k B h a r a d w a j

6 16 5 2=20=2 2 5 1 2 1 4 6 1 1 =23=5

By adding 2+5 we get 7 which is Vivek Bharadwaj’s Profession number.

Now he Vivek is doing job at the moment, he will naturally be not satisfied. From the details given below, it is clear that number 7 professional number is suitable for making bigger planning and works better alone instead of working as subordinate. So in order to succeed, he can happily choose to have his own business or work as a freelancer which will bring mental harmony and he can get full benefit from his Professional Number.

Changing Career

Second option is if Vivek anticipate that working for a manufacturing firm will bring a better career so for this he has to change his Professional number to 4 which is suitable.

Example 2

Surbi’s full name is Surbi Mohta. Now if we calculate her Name Number by adding the values to make a single digit, it will come like this


3 6 2 2 5 1 =19=1 4 7 5 2 1=19=1

Surbhi (1) and Mohta (1), by adding both (1+1) we get 2 which is Surbhi’s Professional Number.

Now Surbhi desire to know about career. She must also have some plans for the future, like preferring to become a social worker, then it is better for her to have her Professional Number 9 by changing suitable name or changing spellings of the name. Suggested name is as follows

S u u r b h i M o h t a a

3 6 6 2 2 5 1 = 25=7 4 7 5 2 1 1 = 20=2

By adding 7+2 =9, Surbhi can now go in social welfare and this number will help her to achieve mental harmony. In this way, she can achieve her goal and adopt a profession which suits her future ambitions. (Please note that Name changing affect depend on the frequency of usage )

From the above examples, you can easily calculate yourself. If you need any help from me in changing name, please comment on the article.

Please note the details of Profession Numbers as follows.

1) This number is suitable for independent works. Those who are involved in planning or designing phase can get benefits from this number. Teachers, Professors, lecturers, researchers, mathematicians, accountants, managers, inventors these all professions should be adopted those who are having this number.

2) This number basically deals with politics, cleverness, manipulations, intermediaries, referrers and judges should use this number. Number 2 basically helps all other numbers. Those who have patience and consistency. All types of business and commercial activities suit this number.

3) This number related to people who are extra active in filling the needs of the masses. Movement related to this number. People who work in theaters, stage actors, men and women involved in door to door selling, publishers, advertisers, radio singers or writers. Or those who are fed up with the work, lazy, slow paced but active relate to this number.

4) This number involves in industry or manufacturing business. Engineers, Construction managers, town planners, skilled labors in factories involved in manufacturing of goods. These people have consistency and ability to solve complex problems. Please note that this number do not support artists, creative writers, innovators. Poets, fictions writers cannot gain success under this number.

5) This number does not support people who are in routine work. Number 5 supports innovators, creative. Those who wish to move forward in careers, adventure seekers, risk takers, explorers. If you don’t like the mentioned characters or you wait for the salary day and disturb others till that day then this number is not for you.

6) In case of women, this is the special number (for married woman If she change the name by adding her husband’s name then she should calculate profession number accordingly). This number related to an honest and trustworthy person involved in trust work, social work or those who have dedicated their lives for others, nursing profession is pretty much suitable for this number.

7) Person related to this number always want to play big games. They cannot work under/with anyone. Partnership is prohibited in this number and it is for those who work and achieve alone.

8) This number relate to executive work. Administration, business management, financial services suits them. Those who wish to have top position in these areas. Number 8 person always expect miracles at work but he only gets success by hard work and after spending considerable time. Those who have short temper cannot gain benefits from this number. Strong will power is needed in this number.

9) In Business and commerce number 9 appears to be active, smart and intelligent. All kinds of innovative, research work and inventors can get benefit from this number.