The toughest part of working out is staying regular. You can get your desired results only if you work out regularly. Regularity comes with motivation. If you are not motivated, you will not be able to get yourself to work out every day. Motivation is not something you can decide. You have to build it by doing things that keep you motivated and positive. Start some pre-workout rituals that will get you positivity and motivation before the workout.

Make it fun:

If you get easily bored with the same routine, keep changing it regularly. Make it interesting for yourself. Do things that get you excited, and say away from things that will demotivate you.

Do what you hate first, so what’s left is all you love:

If you are someone like me who hates cardio, I have the best tip for you. Get it out of the way by doing it first. So you stay positive while doing the rest of the workout. If you keep it till the end, you will keep dreading it the whole time, and you won’t enjoy the good parts also.

Daily Quote Of The Day:

Remind your phone to give you a quote of the day. Read one Daily Quote Of The Day to motivate yourself. You will understand the power of words once you start doing this!


Listen to your kind of hype music. Whichever kind of music gets you motivated and started for the day is best to listen to while working out.

Don’t skip:

If you are feeling low and feel like skipping one day. You can do a quick 20 min workout. So that you don’t slack off the whole day. Who knows, the workout might just motivate you for the rest of the day.

Start small:

If you are starting now and are not sure about investing in the gym, you can start with home workouts. You have the flexibility of the time and home workouts are designed to be done with minimum equipment. You can start small and once you get used to it you can step it up by getting motivated by the Daily Quote Of The Day.

Now get up and sweat it out before you find a distraction.