Whenever there is a new mobile app out in the market, it is met with tremendous amount of anticipation and excitement in the hopes that it is more upgraded with the latest add on technicalities that would make it more entertaining.

One such application is TikTok that was launched in 2017 and quickly became the darling of the masses especially the younger generation that lapped up to it like anything because they saw a huge potential in it that would benefit them in a big manner.

TikTok is basically an application through which you can create and share videos through the streaming device for entertainment purposes but as of late, youngsters have taken it up as a means to showcase their hidden talent in acting, dancing and singing by lip syncing famous musical numbers and film dialogues of their favorite actors.

Tricks of the Trade

Tiktok has long since beaten Dubsmash in the popularity race to emerge as the number 1 choice for people across the globe and today, as of 2020, you can find nearly 2 billion tiktok users all around which is a record breaking achievement that has to be matched in the coming times.

If you are new to this platform and want some advice on how to begin, just follow the given steps:

  • Go to the website sssTiktok and learn the basics about what exactly the app is for because prior knowledge is an important basis for preparation
  • Upload the app directly from the gallery and click on the camera screen, the upload button shows up and after clicking it, you would see a number of videos as options where you click on the one that you want to have and start recording
  • You can even download another’s video and lip sync to the audio so that it becomes famous and leads to other users noticing you