Having a car of your own is great as you can make it look the way you wish from looking classy to the coolest version of the model present in marketplace. There are different ways to make your car look attractive and adding a special element to your car such as stickers. 

Let us look into guide if kleebised aknale on window is illegal or inappropriate in any way. If you are curious as well to get acknowledged with stickers in windows theory then consider reading guide until the end. 

Is it illegal to put stickers on windows?

Having a car of your own means full authority of the car but that isnt the case always. There are actually two explanations regarding putting stickers on your car’s windows so let us look into both of them.

Actually, most people say it is not illegal to put stickers on the body of vehicle. However, it must not violate any sort of local laws such as stickers of ambulance, government, army, police and other law bodies. Note to mention that you cannot change the body color of private vehicle for instance vinyl wraps changing to some random color prohibiting registration certification and insurance policy. 

On the other hand, some might find it illegal to put stickers on car windshields. Only manufacturers or rto are allowed to attach a sticker to windshield as that is legally approved sticker. It is not incorrect to use parking stickers used for providing they are on passenger side of screen that has limited size and length of 2.5 inches . If anyone is found with anyone other sticker on window then you might be stopped by cops and might have to pay hefty fines.