Investing , in general parlance, means giving over part of what you have and then in time receiving back your initial investment along with a profit or visible gain. For example, a man invests a hundred dollars with the hope that over time he will get back his investment and perhaps $25 more in profit. For seniors reading these investment tips for seniors may allow them to consider the concept of investment and profit in a slightly different way.

  1. What Can You InvestA good investment tip for seniors is to really give some serious thought to what it is that you have to invest. It may be more than, and different from, what you might think. Many seniors are, or will be, on fixed incomes which don’t allow much leeway for extended financial investments. But that doesn’t mean seniors can’t invest. They just need to look more deeply to discover that they have time, abilities and even some money left over after monthly expenses. These are the things that seniors have to invest and they can yield unusual and delightful returns.
  1. Investing Your Time When you are a senior citizen, the one thing you are likely to have is time. With some careful investigation on line, at your library, and in your local newspaper you can discover literally dozens of ways to invest your time wisely. Perhaps you can invest your time mentoring or tutoring school children. Or maybe a church or civic group needs help with a project or celebration. What about a nearby nature center that needs help in its office? And don’t forget your next door neighbor who can’t get out and would love a few moments, make that hours, of your time.

Each of these investments of your time helps someone but it also makes surprising returns to you, the investor.

An hour or two spent with young children can help them improve their homework but it can also connect you with the excitement and enthusiasm of just plain being young. Helping out with a church or civic activity may mean providing the group with that extra pair of hands they really need and it will connect you with towns people you seldom see any more. That nature center assist will help to get a mailing out and it might remind you to get out into the sunshine and take a walk. And of course stopping by to see that next door neighbor can lift his or her spirits but for sure it will remind you of how fortunate you are to have good neighbors, yourself. Investments of time can have unexpected and pleasant returns.

  1. Investing Your Talent A good investment tip for seniors is to invest your talent. . After 60 plus years on the planet, most seniors have developed a wide variety of talents. Far too often these talents are simply forgotten or fall by the wayside from lack of use. With just a little investigation, seniors will be amazed at the number of places where they might effectively invest their talents.

For example, are you someone who likes music and enjoys singing? Look for that church or community choir that welcomes walk ons ( and that’s almost all of them) and invest your talent by joining. It is likely that your singing talent and physical presence will enrich the group. The payoff you receive won’t show up in your checkbook but it will be found in new friendships, community sharing and musical enjoyment .

In fact the talent that you invest doesn’t have to be special or extraordinary. It just has to be yours. Can you read and write? Those talents when invested in the interest of blind or elderly can make a huge difference in someone’s quality of life. You can read and write correspondence for those who are incapacitated, you can recite poems, or read mystery novels. When you invest your simple talents you stand to clear a profit of appreciation and friendship you otherwise might never have gained.

4.Investing in People When we speak of investment most people think of investing money and seniors of course can invest that too. But a good investment tip for seniors is to invest in people. Put at least some of whatever available capital you might have into investing in your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren. There is no more important investment that you can make and the returns are totally unpredictable.

You may also consider investing your money in immobilien. Experts agree that real estate properties are one of the best instruments to invest in because they have the ability to grow your money. 

Beyond your relatives there are charities of all kinds that could use your help. Find one or two that are important to you and invest in them. These kinds of investments allow people to grow and develop. The return you get on this kind of investment is the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of a cause that is larger than yourself and that, in combination with others, you have done something meaningful with your money.

Investing is often about stocks and bonds and portfolios – but not always. The best investment tip for seniors is to remember there are many ways to invest and not all of them have to do with money . You can invest your time and your talent. And you can invest in people , too.