Creating a false self on networking sites has seemed to become a thing of the norm nowadays. Where does the “authenticity” with oneself end and meeting the pressures of our peers begin?

“Posing” has become popular with social networking sites because modern culture tells us it’s easier to be something you’re not. It is unfortunately easier to pretend to be something that is welcomed in common society versus being yourself and being secluded because of it. Social networking itself is the main mode of socializing for youth because it means they can stay in contact with anyone easier than it was ten years ago. I do enjoy the fact that I can keep contact with people I would have otherwise lost touch with if we didn’t have such social networking sites. However, I promote myself as I am in real life on FaceBook unlike the youth masses that deem it more appropriate to pretend to be something else that they clearly are not in real life. It has come down to it that the youth masses must pretend to be someone they’re not even on social networking sites in order to seem normalized. Being perceived as “normal” in our culture seems to be an idea that is growing even to the internet. Many people will ask the questions that how can i view a private instagram profile. The content of the private account will be confidential for the person. The content will be of high-quality to engage the loyal customers at the website and increase the traffic. The information should be available correct and accurate with the person. 

Knowing oneself is something that each person has to figure out for themselves. What they need to overcome is the pleasing of their peers. “Authenticity” seems to only allure a small few now because our popular culture deems what is appropriate to be considered “normal”. Being “normal” means there is no one being the odd man out, they can just blend in. I am not a fan of such. Being your own person has “fallen out of fashion” because the popular masses want to be known to have the perfect lives. Being perfect in this world means that you have to do what everyone else is doing versus showing your interests to the world and accepting who you are. Unfortunately it seemed that in my high school that was how the popular kids worked – if they showed natural and normal interests they were accepted. I did not do such, I showed my interests that were not “normal” and in a certain way I was exiled because of such. I found a group of people that either shared my interests or were perfectly capable of being themselves. As a group we were in no way “popular” but because we showed authenticity, we functioned by being ourselves. That was something I am sure that the “popular” part of society could not enjoy.