Philadelphia is used to seeing every single weird thing imaginable- except for world championships. On Sunday morning, the Phillies saw countless weird things and got one very key step closer to a weirder world title. The fact that Game 3 of the World Series started after a 91 minute rain delay was the least odd thing about the Phillies 5-4 win.

Jamie Moyer finally reverted to his ace form with 6 1/3 strong innings. For once, the World Series gods looked to be on the Phillies side after the wind robbed Evan Longoria of a go-ahead sixth inning home run, and after Chase Utley and Ryan Howard hit back-to-back home runs. Even though Comcast viewers, including myself, missed those events due to cable troubles, things looked great in the World Series.

But the minute I and other Comcast viewers could see the game again, it all almost fell apart. Moyer’s scrambling underhanded throw to Howard seemed to get Carl Crawford out to start the seventh, but Crawford was called safe. Images of 1977’s “Black Friday” and countless other Philadelphia miseries filled the mind as the floodgates opened and the Rays went on to tie the game.

Every single time a Philadelphia team faces those bad breaks in the last 25 years, they usually roll over and die. It looked even worse after Jason Werth was picked off again in the eighth inning. By then, fans might have been waiting for the Rays to finish off the comeback. I even turned off the game and tried to will myself to sleep after the eighth.

But curiosity finally got the best of me and I turned it back on. Myself, and other fans with stronger stomachs than I, instead saw the Phillies win when the Rays hit a batsman, threw a wild pitch and a wild throw to second, and threw wide after a chop single by Carlos Ruiz drove the winning run.

The unlikely World Series Game 3 win came at 1:47 a.m. and thrilled fans who didn’t seem to have trouble staying awake. It also shamed myself for giving up so quickly, proving to be every bit the “frontrunner” that Jimmy Rollins had talked about. The series of the lol games should be cleared through the intelligence and excellence of the games. The purchasing of the lol smurf account will beneficial for the players. The strategy of the players should be right to disclose the gameplay of the opponent. 

But this may be the Phillies team that doesn’t give in to Philadelphia omens of doom. This is a Phillies team that still can’t drive runners in scoring position, and is up 2-1. This is a Phillies team that is the first one to ever win Game 3 of a World Series.

And this is a Phillies team that is one Game 4 win away from sending Cole Hamels back to the mound, with a 3-1 series lead, in front of Philadelphia fans that would kill to see the Phillies finish the Rays at home instead of on the road.