There is a fine line between what is right and what is easy but people don’t see beyond this line and do what their heart says, which does not lead to fruitful results and everything falls flat.

Nobody can guarantee the shelf life of anyone or anything as that is entirely in the hands of fate but what they can do is do the right thing through their actions and achieve the desired results.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by a dedicated team of software experts that called themselves Satoshi Nakamoto with high hopes that more than lived up to their expectations and emerged as a global phenomenon.

Expectation Vs Reality

While there can be no doubt that bitcoin has created a new benchmark in the field of cryptocurrency for others to follow suit, it cannot be denied that it has also broken the expectations of many of its users.

This argument can go both ways because within a year of its launch, its numbers far exceeded than anyone could have ever imagined but its decline too was as sudden and steep as its rise.

The very people who were singing songs of its praises during its rise were now claiming it to be the worst thing to have come out ever and tales of its duplicity abound far and wide.

However, a review of bitcoin revolution has indicated positive signs of its growth as market value is said to increase during global deflation as digital assets have become quite popular in these trying times.

Given the fall of prices in bitcoin, the expectations are too low from all sides but the reality is the exact opposite as crypto money is no less than digital gold and it is long lasting in true sense just like pure gold.

All in all, global deflation has generated interest among Nakamoto team members and are eagerly awaiting for what lies in store.