A horse’s grooming kit can be very elaborate or just contain the basic necessities. If you are a casual horse owner who just enjoys horses and rides at home, you can follow this list for help with compiling an awesome grooming kit for your house. Whether you have one horse or many, this grooming kit will meet your everyday horse grooming needs!

You don’t need a separate grooming kit for each horse, however if you feel you want a personal bucket for every horse you own, you can easily create 4-5 kits. The upside of creating a personal grooming kit for each horse is you will not be transmitting any microorganisms from horse to horse directly. You cannot however, prevent the spread of these organisms from horse to horse throughout your farm. I would suggest making one everyday grooming kit for general use for every 3 horses you own, and a “sick horse” grooming kit for any horse that you feel may be ill. This second grooming kit could also double as a travel grooming kit.

The first thing you want to start out with to make your kit is the container. I have found the Rubbermaid buckets that are specifically made for cleaning chemical containers to be perfect for use as a grooming kit. These buckets have a handle in the middle and two sections, one on each side. I like the two sections to use one for combs and brushes and the other side for first aid type components. They do make special grooming kit buckets that may be found at a tack store, however they are quite expensive and almost identical to the cleaning buckets you find at your nearest general store. Some people also choose to use a tool bag or box for their grooming kit. These also work very well and it is nice to be able to close and latch. If you travel a lot with your horse, this may be the best option. A tool box or bag with a lid and latch or zipper prevents the contents from spilling out while in the trailer, arena or at the campsite.

After you have the bucket you feel will work best, you can begin filling it! Start with the basic brushes you will need to groom your horse. You will need a curry brush. A curry brush is a round or oval comb-like brush that has hard dull stubs that brush away the hard mud that may become coated on your horse’s coat. Curry combs come in rubber and metal. I would suggest purchasing one of each for your kit, but if you only want to buy one the rubber one is essential for everyday grooming. A metal curry comb is also very nice to have for times when your horse is very dirty. Most metal curry combs also pull apart and can double as a mane or tail comb.

The next brush you need is a hard bristled flick brush. The flick brush is used following the curry comb and will flick away any small particles of dirt. Following the hard bristled flick brush will come the soft flick brush. The soft flick brush will soften your horses coat and remove the remaining small particles of dirt or sand in your horse’s coat.

One more essential part of your horse’s grooming kit is a mane and t ail comb. They make special combs that have wide teeth for a horse’s thick mane and tail hair. These combs come in metal and plastic. I have always found the plastic ones to be sufficient and they are inexpensive so you can toss them as they wear out. The teeth do break quite often as you comb your horse’s hair, but that is ok. When there are more missing teeth that teeth left, I toss the comb and use a new one.

You will also need a hoof pick in your horse’s grooming kit. This is one of the most important tools, and if you only buy one piece of grooming equipment, this is the one to buy. Cleaning your horse’s feet is so important to their health, and a hoof pick will do the trick perfectly. These small picks are often metal and usually have a small, very hard bristled brush on the opposite end of the pick. This little brush works very well to brush the base of the hoof clean after you have cleaned it. You can also have tgis in a bearded dragon kits. This kit contains all the necessary tools and materials you need in taking good care of your pet. 

You will also want to purchase some horse mane and tail shampoo at some point to keep in or near your grooming kit. This shampoo rinses very quickly and removes grease and dirt well. You should also purchase some hoof moisturizer to keep handy for times that your horse’s hooves become dry. I like to keep a container of peroxide and iodine in my grooming kit as well as some cotton applicators. These come in handy for treating small cuts and scrapes.

Once you have completed your purchases, you can pack them all into your grooming bucket and you are ready for your next grooming session! Horses love to be groomed and the time spent combing and brushing your horse will be cherished by both parties. It is important to groom your horse before and after each ride and at least once a week if you didn’t have a chance to ride.