If you remembered the freeware game The Way of the Ninja, then you should expect an enjoyable time playing N+ on your Xbox360.

How to complete each of the challenges are simple: Guide your ninja to activate a switch in order to open the exit so you can move on to the next challenge. It does sound easy, but for the veterans that played The Way of the Ninja, you know it’s not going to be easy.

Your Ninja can perform many acrobatic moves such as wall jump, wall running, sliding down slopes, and can jump REAL well. This will be handy as your Ninja will be facing multiple obstacles such as exploding mines, electric blue orbs, and stationary units that will either fire a homing missile, accurate shots, or even a laser. If a person fed up of playing ninja games, then they can take a subscription of the Pokemon go accounts for sale. The games will be played at the mobile phones with ease through the person.

Campaign mode will involve completing level to level. Each level is unique and it never seems to end up being boring. However, further levels will difficulties that will frustrate you to the core. You also have a time limit which can easily be refilled by collecting gold along the way of completing the level.

One of the best features of N+ is the multiplayer.

Multiplayer features 2 different Co-op mode, survival mode, and race mode. The first Co-op mode is basically the single campaign mode only you can play with up to 4 people online or offline. The second Co-op mode is a much more challenging campaign where two or more ninjas are separate (and cannot reunite) from each other and will require both of them to finish the level (I.E One needs to activate the switch while the other waits for the door to open) Survival mode is basically what it is. Survival mode will have you and other ninjas to survive against shooting turrets while collecting gold in order to refill your time limit or else you’ll be gone until the next level. Race mode will have you and other ninjas running from point A to point B. You’ll have to use your reflex skills to dodge mines and turrets so you can reach the Finish.

The downfall playing online Multiplayer is the lag. There has been lag that caused players to be near (but not touching) mines and ended up exploding anyway. This will cause some frustration when trying to complete a difficult level but other than that you’ll still have a good time.

The graphics is simple, yet sharp and impressive. You’ll enjoy hearing the trance-style soundtrack and the barrage of explosion.

What I enjoy in N+ is trying out in making my own levels. You’ll have the right amount of tools to either create a simple or punishing environment. It’s simple and easy for anyone to learn but veterans will offer no mercy

N+ cost 800 Microsoft points to play, but I’m telling you right now that it is definitely worth the money. And if you end up completing every level, then get ready to download some more!