Delta, Colorado, is a busy little hub that most commuters must pass through on their way from their homes in the pleasant small towns in the area to their jobs in the larger cities of Grand Junction and Montrose. Many such drivers time their day to allow themselves a cup of coffee on the way through. These consumers in addition to the daytime Delta inhabitants make the quality of the coffee shop a significant issue. The best coffee makers for 2020 is not just the main basis for determining the best coffee shops. There are aa lot of factors to cosnsider.

The oldest shop still around is the Java Hut. It is a kiosk on the edge of Delta toward Montrose. Although there are a couple of tables outside, it really functions primarily as a drive-thru. A limited selection of flavors and drinks are available, and they tend to use lower-end products, such as Hershey syrup and Reddi-whip for a mocha. Their drinks tend to be sweet and rather inexpensive. The drive-thru is a great help, but their hours are not. They don’t open until 8 am and are often closed by 2 pm and on weekends. This lack of availability is a problem for both commuters and many other coffee drinkers.

The second shop is the Dog House Espresso (so named because it was originally paired with the Fat Cat Pottery next door). This shop is in a small building in the downtown area. There are two very small tables inside and often two placed out on the sidewalk. Dog House has a few more choices than Java Hut, especially considering cold drinks, and uses higher quality syrups. Both typically use a local coffee roaster for high quality beans. Dog House’s prices are about the same as Java Hut, a bit cheaper on some and a bit higher on others, but nothing drastic. The espresso is a stronger taste from Dog House, and some of their drinks blur the line. For instance, a mocha is served with foam, something most aficionados would disagree with. All in all, Dog House Espresso can be a pleasant albeit cramped coffee experience besides the abysmal parking downtown.

The last of the shops currently open is Moca Joes, also located downtown Delta. Moca Joes is the roomiest of the three shops on the inside, having several tables. They also put one or two on the sidewalk during nice weather. The problem for all three of these shops in terms of outdoor seating is that they all line Highway 50 through Delta, one of the busiest highways in the area. Such a location might make for more exposure, but it makes sitting outside enjoying a peaceful latte impossible unless one finds the roar of the passing traffic relaxing. Then again, Moca Joes might not be the place for relaxing coffee anyway. They use a strong, dark bean to begin with and then pull long shots, making for a very bitter espresso and are the most expensive of the coffee shops. They have a wide variety of drinks and flavors, and they are open pretty much all day Monday through Saturday, like Dog House. Moca Joes has had some Sunday hours as well, although these have been changing lately. Of course, they are also hampered by the lack of parking.

The bottom line is that there is probably something for every coffee drinker in Delta. The sweeter taste may be a bit more difficult to get because of Java Hut’s hours, but the drive-thru makes them more convenient to access at the same time. The atmosphere at each is very different, as well. Commuters will have to use the time frame as part of the choice, but the rest is a matter of priorities and taste.