While the iPhone may rival the final Harry Potter book in terms of prerelease hype, its features left many gadget geeks cold. The buzz on several gadget blogs is that the true mobile powerhouse is coming soon, in the form of the AT&T Tilt. If you are a tech geek just like us and can not wait until this device is out, https://www.dfydaily.com/ a perfect location for you then. You find all the predictions of different tech moguls about this amazing device.

The AT &T; Tilt is the next generation of mobile phone manufacturer HTC’s top of the line phone, currently branded as AT &T; 8525. The Tilt is a fully functioning PDA running Windows Mobile 6 that adds several features to the 8525, including the feature that lends it its name, the tilting screen.


(Note: Some features described may not be in the model released by AT &T.; AT &T;/Cingular has a reputation of releasing phones with some of their original functionality removed)

The AT &T; Tilt is based on the HTC Kaiser, which prerelease reviews have indicated includes the following features:

– 2.8″ QVGA Touchscreen that tilts

– 400MHz Qualcomm MSM 7200 chipset

– QWERTY Keyboard that slides out

– Wi-Fi

– Windows Mobile 6 Professional

– 3 Megapixel Camera


– 256 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM

– VGA camera on the front (there is some debate about whether AT &T; will keep this)

– microSD

– Bluetooth 2.0

– Supports 3G, HSPDA, HSUPA, GPRS, and EDGE


Early Reviews

Early reviews of the device (tested as the unbranded HTC Kaiser or 4550) on Modaco.com and BoyGeniusReport.com have indicated that it is simply awesome, with the most comprehensive set of features and usability found in a mobile device yet. Unlike other Windows Mobile phones, it has adequate memory to allow smooth running of multiple applications. Additionally, its tilt screen and QWERTY keyboard are apparently nicely balanced and easy to work with. There is a freely moving scroll wheel on the device that makes navigation a breeze. And the 3 megapixel camera apparently takes very nice pictures. The only real weaknesses noted have been the weight of the device. This is understandable given all that is on board.

Who Is It For?

A device with this much power and this many features is obviously not meant for everyone. While it doesn’t feature the simplicity or all of the cool features of the iPhone, it is well designed for business users with its compatability with MS Office products, its easy to use keyboard, its GPS system, and the expandability of Windows Mobile 6. AT&T; Tilt is meant for business people, road warriors, and people who love a good gadget. With its new tilt screen and the power under the hood, it will be like carrying a laptop in your pocket.

How Much And When?

According to Mobile Magazine and other sources, AT &T; insiders are saying that the Tilt will be released on September 3rd AT &The price of $499 with a 2 year plan. No word yet on whether any further rebates or discounts will be given on the phone. Some sites have speculated that AT &T; may disable the front camera and the GPS, but so far this is simply speculation based on past history, and nothing has been confirmed.