If it comes to advertising, we can not leave out the “Internet”.

Today it is one of the means used to advertise more, to do marketing and also for planning the CORPORATE reflecting or projecting through a website.

Can this kind of publicity then replace other means such as public roads, radio or television?, What are the advantages that make each type of medium more attractive than the rest for certain goals? Within advertising What is the Internet’s interactive marketing? …

Such questions and more are what we intend to reply in the course of this research work, based on the premise that Internet advertising and interactive marketing will replace in the near future to traditional advertising.

We rely also on the advantages and disadvantages of this new way to advertise via the Internet that promises to replace the existing tracks.

Guidelines on the Internet is more beneficial than done in the traditional media, both in terms of monetary benefits and quality of feedback provided at the rate of diversification of market that you can get to and also because of the possibility that offers creative and as well as the option of interactivity with the consumer. All this can be taken care of easily as you hire Fort Lauderdale SEO for the management of your online ratings, SEO optimized content, and to attract more traffic to your website. This marketing method is really popular as you can easily boost your internet presence without that much of an effort.


– Establish and delineate the differences between advertising online and traditional advertising.

– Establish the advantages and disadvantages of each style.

– Get the application to a particular case.

– To compare between different modes.

– Recognize the target group that points to each type of advertising.


– Develop a database that is supportive of growth in recent years from entities that choose to advertise on the Internet.

– Get the results of this type of advertising in terms of “profitability” and to compare with those of traditional media.


Develop theoretical and practical research through:

– Research exhaustive on the subject by means of data collection and historical documentaries today.

– Personal information collected to support giving a practical framework, implemented, current and professional research.

– Complement theoretical strengthens this reality.


The interest in this subject stems from the need to clarify the various concepts relating to the Internet and its forms of expression, they remain very diverse and have different objectives. And contrasted with traditional advertising that had been leading the market.

It is worth establishing the differences between tools as the Internet is a channel of communication that is in continuous development and growth, and all those who want to remain part of the system must know this means in detail.

In fact, enterprises should be integrated into the network, although it is not necessary, still, that patterns itself or on the Internet itself, must have at least a website that will provide references and contacts for other businesses, for consumers (actual or potential) and for any person or entity that wishes to meet you.


For the reasons listed above, we believe that this research is needed especially for the following sectors …

Mainly for the organizational sector of society and to offer statistical data and documentaries about the various alternatives for advertising. We refer to that today a company is not competing with others of their city or country, but now the competition is handled at the global level and therefore should have full knowledge and management of the primary means of communication for that Indeed, as is the Internet.

It will also be useful for that portion of the population with Internet access and are interested in learning about the handling of the broadcast of messages through browsing.