There is no other machine greater in terms of skills and technique than the human body. Yes, our own body can perform functions that no other machine has done in existence and that is saying something as we are just beginning with the age of artificial intelligence, where machines are going to take over from humans in the coming decade.

While the functions may vary from each other but they exist with coordination and harmony as each of the body parts are as important as the others in keeping the body going.

It is such a huge topic that one article or lifetime cannot suffice to discuss the subject in its entirety. This may not be a subject of interest for the average common man but there is hardly anything that it has not achieved in the medical and scientific field.


Sadly, the teeth can be considered the most underrated of all body parts as they are more neglected than others and hence people pay very less attention to it and by the time realization dawns on them, it is too late to make amends.

However, there are certain dental tips that youngsters can take care of right from school so that the teeth remain neat and clean.

  • Start visiting the dentist in every few months and make it a routine that has to be followed with dedication and take tips from them
  • The parents can allow their children the liberty to choose their own brush and toothpaste
  • Buy the soft bristled ones as they keep the teeth shiny and glittering without causing irritation
  • Change your toothbrush every 6 months and keep some extra ones ready otherwise the germs are bound to increase
  • After brushing the teeth, start cleaning the tongue as well so that the bacteria that causes tooth decay can be removed
  • A popular dentist san mateo advises children to make brushing more fun by playing games