With improved access to the internet, we can see how everyone these days always online and save their important data on their PCs. Although, there are several in-built liutilities that you get in your PC for improved security there are several other things that you should consider for a safe online and offline experience. 

  1. You should never stay connected to the internet constantly. As you are connected to the internet for long periods of time you can be easily targeted by hackers. In order to avoid such situations, you can turn OFF your internet connection if you are away from your PC. However, with the development of technology we see how most the devices these days work with a constant internet connection which makes them highly prone to hackers.

  2. In order to protect your PC from unwanted files and software, you should update your PC’s firewall and keep it ON all the time. This way any malicious software or program would not be able to infect your PC that easily.
    In order to get the best security with your firewall, you should keep your PC up to date as well. As with every update you get the latest security patches and plugins that improves the overall security of your PC. 
  3. Since most of the devices, these days are connected to the internet with the help of Wifi you need to make sure that your router has a decent firewall. This will help you in improving the overall security of your device.
    Moreover, you should never connect to public wifi as it is really easy for hackers to steal your data over public wifi. 
  4. Installing a paid anti-virus will significantly improve the security of your PC. You can invest in a decent anti-virus program that will help you in keeping your PC safe from online attacks and will also notify you about any malicious website that you are visiting or any software that you are trying to install on your PC. 
  5. Lastly, you should keep your passwords safe as easy passwords can be cracked by hackers really quickly. You can use up to date and credible browsers for that as well.