At this stage in life, when you are sitting in your office and concentrating on work, do you recall your childhood at any point? Naturally, you are going to reminisce about those times about how everything was easy and simple, with no worries or tension and life was defined by the motto: eat, sleep, play and repeat. 

Everything was smooth as pie as the parents took care of every need and catered to every whim of their offspring. Let us talk one important game that has come out just recently a couple of years back. 

I am talking about fortnite and how it has made people of different age groups captive with their mesmerizing codes and passages at various levels. 


Fortnite is a part of Epic Games that was launched in 2017 and has grown from strength to strength with each new level. The battle royale itself is quite intense and different from the battle royal of WWE. 

However, many people take some time in grasping the nuances of the game and are confused with certain levels. Therefore, it is important to mention about certain points on how to play safe and well in such a game. 

  • Battle lines drawn out for the royal are enthralling so make sure that the sound you make is at a minimum level. 
  • Fortnite accounts have to be stored properly with decibel structures of the gathered booty

  • Always wear headphones to keep the enemies off guard which will help in procuring important cans and since it is free of cost, you can save a fair amount of money 
  • Always stay alert and focused because challenges can come from the least expected places and moments 
  • Keep the circle in check otherwise it can gobble you up