It happens to all of us. We quickly reach our storage capacity limit because we have outgrown our computer’s hard drive. Movies, games, or music bulge out our systems and need extra space to exist. The option of purchasing another hard drive isn’t a bad idea, but being able to set it up for access on any computer on the network is a pain. In many cases, we would have to keep the main computer powered on all the time in order to enjoy the files. However, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) adapter may be the perfect solution.

Linksys has succeeded in making a well functioning device filled with useful features once again. The Linksys NSLU2 has many advantages that will make users grateful that it was added to their networking collection. Swapping the drives on this device takes only a moment. They can be upgraded, switched out, and also directly attached to a Mac or PC for a faster speed. Although it possesses a Linux style, do not be frightened of it. Any non technical user can easily work the device successfully.

After removing the NSLU2 from its box, the included ethernet cable, power adapter, instruction guide, and vertical stand can be spread out for the setup process. It is an extremely small and narrow device with minimal lights to indicate its status. There are only three ports positioned on the back of the adapter, which include two USB ports and one ethernet port. The front of the device has one single button that is used exclusively for powering it on or off. There is nothing complexed or overly confusing about this little adapter. Despite its simple appearance, there is a lot going on underneath the case. It has multiple features that cause it to function flawlessly.

The entire setup process for the Linksys NSLU2 is simple and straightforward and easy to understand how to install it just by seeing some video tutorials of pkv games; which will give a proper idea about the systems plug-ins. Just plug in the ethernet cable, insert a few hard drives, and then turn on the device. After just a few seconds, there will be a beeping noise and the device is ready to go. In order to access media files, a setup of the IP address and network identity is required. The browser interface is easy to navigate through and will only take a few minutes. Once the entire setup process is completed, copying files to the drive will be one of the easiest tasks to complete. It will not be a long process that takes hours, even with larger files.

The Linksys NSLU2 is a very affordable device to add extra storage to a growing multimedia appetite. Anyone that has access to the network will be able to access files from multiple computers without major hassles. The drive capacity is more than enough for media hounds that are constantly looking for space. Although this device does not come with a built in hard drive, it is still one of the easiest ways to quickly add storage. It gets rid of the need for multiple USB storage devices taking up necessary room. It has a minimal design, but it offers users a host of features that are impressive.