Facebook Knighthood is a Facebook application where you rule your own kingdom. You gain power by recruiting vassals into your kingdom by inviting friends to play. Vassals are put to work in your kingdom building buildings so you can build and expand faster, make gold, defend your kingdom, and eventually make weapons. I have discovered a few glitches, methods, and perks that, though not actually cheating, can be utilized to improve your game play on Facebook knighthood.

Facebook Knighthood cheat; stone perk in building mode:

While building or expanding a building in Facebook knighthood, you can buy quarried stone for a bonus in building. Quarried Stone are bought 500 at a time with each 500 stones adding 1.25% to the speed of building. As stones pile up, each 500 removes upwards of 2 minutes of building time. Hitting the limit in stones saves roughly a half hour building time. Quarried stone are initially sold for zero gold, but depending on what level building you are constructing, you sooner or later have to pay gold for more stones. Do not invest gold in stones; buying either hammers or anvils instead gives more for your gold. Stones are used up at around four stones every five seconds. As stones are used, the bonus decreases. You can purchase more stones at any time provided you have less than 9500 already.

The quarried stone glitch can save you over 20 minutes of building time per structure. It can be used only once per separate expansion and requires having a building with a “build” option in your selections. Select to build this level one building, make sure it takes over five minutes to build or else remove some vassals from your castle. You do not want to complete this building! Then buy quarried stone for zero gold each, you will be allowed to buy the max on new construction without paying. As soon as you have bought all the stones, hit the castle tab and change your building selection to the building you desire to expand. You just started out with maximum bonus without having to spend upwards of 500 gold! This perk is most effective in expanding levels 3-5. Your garrison initially will be that building you keep; later on you will save the trapper, blockhouse, or outpost.

Facebook Knighthood Iron Bar perk:

If you have a workshop, you can buy iron bars in a similar manner. If no buildings are being built or expanded, you can max out your Iron bars. If a building is under expansion, you will be allowed only a set amount of free iron bars, about the same amount as free stones allowed. So when building and upgrading, select the workshop to upgrade a building before you start building with the castle. Likewise, if a building finishes, head over to the workshop to buy iron bars before building another building. That way, you save significant upgrading time.

Facebook Knighthood shortcut; spend money wisely:

Buying hammers is more productive than buying stones; never pay gold to buy stones. If you already have a workshop, invest in anvils instead of hammers. Anvils cost five knighthood gold as opposed to the 10 knighthood gold each hammer costs.

Facebook Knighthood cheat, “controlling” multiple accounts:

The Facebook Knighthood rules clearly prohibit having more than one knighthood account. However they do not say that a trusted sibling or friend cannot have his or her own Facebook Knighthood account. Working together, you can funnel weapons, vassals, and gold to safety before going to or passing through war. War mode must be entered by building a garrison before you can build workshop and weapons shops. Disbanding takes 24 hours (an upcoming/recent update will reduce this to 12 hours.) Garrison can be built without going to war if you have less than four vassals but you need more than three knights/squires to have a productive kingdom.) You can gift or receive one vassal (knight or higher) every 24 hours. There is no known limit on gold or weapons. A player at war cannot gift to someone at peace, so unload your goods before entering war. And the friend whom you trust can also be released from vassalage. That way he cannot be seized from you during the war. After 24 hours he is free to swear service to you again. Make sure your friend is someone you can trust not someone ready to backstab you and run.

Power Knighthood gold friend manipulation “cheat:”

If you have vassals to spare, release from vassalage your trusted friend and have him hire himself out as a mercenary. If hammers are valued at 10 gold, a level 20 vassal produces 33,000 knighthood gold value max a week. The same vassal can easily bring in over 50k a week as a mercenary. Make sure your friend remains at peace so he doesn’t get conquered while sovereign. Shout on each other’s liege boards before you release him so you can access each other’s lord pages and gift gold easily. Offer mafia wars, Farmville, farm town, etc gifts in exchange for the knighthood gold if you and your friend play those apps.

There can be no greater feeling than having your own kingdom where you are the king and rule over your residents with aplomb and have numerous subjects to advice you about right and wrong, not to mention the army of servants at your disposal to do your bidding, something you can never find on situs online judi terbaik, which only makes you addicted to gambling and you end up losing all that you have. Knighthood is just the beginning of the game as there are various levels to touch and explore.

These legit Knighthood cheats and shortcuts will hasten your game play and give you advantage without breaking any rules or risking your account being banned.