We’ve all seen the ribbons of cloth to wear and the stickers on the backs of cars that bring awareness to a certain cause. Now, social networking websites are going the way of pink ribbons and buttons by having awareness brought to breast cancer and

According to CNN, Facebook users for the past two weeks have been posting the colors of their bras on the social networking juggernaut as a way to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. This unique way of bringing news to a particular cause will surely be catching on as thousands of Facebook users have posted their bras of choice. How else can social media be used to bring awareness? Read on for an easy guide.

Logo Awareness

Breast cancer’s pink ribbons and pink color has gained ubiquitous notoriety and is a simple and yet brilliant way to bring awareness to a cause by a simple color. The main thing to bring about awareness to a cause will be a simple logo that can bring visual awareness to your cause.

Here is an example. If you see a yellow-colored arch on a website, your first thought may be a worldwide fast food chain of restaurants whether that is the case or not. But did you know that a yellow archway is also the logo of a recording studio in England? The brand and logo of the yellow or golden arches has ingrained in our minds that a yellow arch means just one thing, much like the color pink in our modern American society. For you to be successful in furthering your cause, it is also advisable to get free instagram followers or on any other social media platform. The online space is one of the effective places to promote your advocacy.

Posting Banners

Once you achieve a logo, you need to make it available to the general internet community to be posted on Facebook and MySpace pages. A great example of this kind of marketing is Congenital Heart Defects Week, which happens to be February 7th through the 14th in 2010.

Not only can you request materials through CHD’s Facebook page, but you can even post the banner of their cause to your Facebook or other social networking page. The idea is that friends of the person posting the banner or logo will inquire as to what it means and go from there. Even better, Facebook and MySpace users can add the cause as a friend and even make a posting about it. And of course, CHD is also on Twitter.

Releasing Information

In addition to standard press releases through the media and your own website, you can release information to Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter through friends and subscribers to your content. Work up a profile of users who are aware of your content and release information through them and you will get geometric increases in the number of users aware of your cause.

A press release will have to be searched for on the internet or seen through media outlets. Instead, unleash a torrent of information by friends and their friends and the friends of the friends and so on and so forth. Consider social networking sites as the ultimate word of mouth experience to bring forth support for your cause, and social networking sites are an excellent source of free publicity on an open media network.