Your child looks forward to his or her birthday party all year long. As a parent you want your child to have a memorable and fun birthday party, without spending a fortune. In preparing for your child’s birthday party, some agents may come to you and say ‘ we offer Casino Events Party Rentals, but usually, those services are quite expensive. Hence, it is always ideal to go for a more practical celebration. Supplies for a special birthday party can easily add up into the hundreds. Try these unique ideas to create for your child a birthday party to remember, without breaking the bank.    

 T-shirt Decorating Birthday Party. Plain white t-shirts can be purchased for just a few dollars (in fact I have even found them at an “only a dollar” store before). The only other supplies you need for this birthday party idea are fabric paints. Let the birthday party attendees paint their own t-shirts any way they like. You may want to provide stencils (homemade stencils cut from cardstock work just fine) and pictures for inspiration. This activity takes quite a bit of time and as a bonus, the finished t-shirts double as the birthday party favors!       


Face Painting Birthday Party. Recruit some friends or family members to be your face painters and purchase some inexpensive face paint. You can find face paint year round at party supply and costume stores. You may wish to offer up set pictures such as simple butterflies, flowers, etc, or if you have talented face painters, let the birthday party goers decide what they want. While the children are waiting to get their faces painted, let them experiment with painting using tempera paints. This activity works especially well for an outside birthday party so that clean-up is easy.        

 Design Your Own Product Birthday Party. This birthday party idea is a great way to use up leftover craft and art supplies. Divide the guests into groups, or let them work all together as a team, depending on how many are in attendance. Give them all of the scrap craft and art supplies, as well as leftover clean food containers and other “junk.” Next, give the kids half an hour or more to come up with as many products as they can with their supplies. When the parents arrive later to pick their children up from the birthday party, give them fake money to use to purchase the products. The money that the kids make “selling” their products can then be used to purchase birthday party favors.         

Decorate Your Own Cupcake Birthday Party. For this birthday party idea, you will save money by not having a birthday cake. Instead of purchasing or making a cake, make several plain cupcakes. Then let the birthday party guests ice and decorate their cupcakes anyway they desire. Provide icing, a few decorating bags with icing tips, sprinkles, chocolate chips, colored sugar, and whatever other decorations you wish. This is also a great way to use up leftover sprinkles and such from other decorating projects.         

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party. This birthday party idea requires you to have some extra adults on hand, as well as a safe neighborhood to travel around in. You will also need a digital camera for each group of kids, which can most likely be provided with no trouble from their parents. Make a scavenger hunt list of items around the neighborhood. Some examples might include, “a flowering tree,” “a cross,” “a dog,” “a fence,” or “a bird bath.” Next divide the birthday party guests into groups, each with an adult chaperone. The groups then set out around the neighborhood to take digital pictures of as many items as they can find. They all have to be back by a certain time then the group with the most pictures wins, or you can just give a small prize for each item found. 

These ideas for a simple, but unique birthday party are sure to please your child and also his or her special guests. With some creativity and imagination, planning a memorable birthday party for your child doesn’t have to cost a fortune.