Whether you’re remodeling, adding on to your existing home or building from scratch, there are always building supply companies that stand out from the rest to become the best. But they’re not always easy to find for the uninitiated homeowner. Often, the long trial and error guessing games of choosing a building supply company’s products, end up costing you more money and time sorting through the mess than if you just had picked a random construction supplier in the first place. That’s why I created this list of quality construction supply firms to help homeowners find the best construction materials without the years of research that go with it. These construction recruitment agencies are some of the best companies in this industry. You get an unmatched quality with their experience and professionalism. Here are the best five construction agencies that are credible and you can opt for them without any second thoughts.


New window installation is often a big part of any remodeling, renovation or new construction project. Windows are more than just a pretty frame and a piece of glass. Window design can make all the difference in your home’s energy efficiency and your heating and cooling bills can certainly reflect that after installation. All the windows I’ve installed over the years could fill a factory, but the ones I always tout are Andersen Windows. They work better than any other window I’ve installed and they come in so many different styles, it’s hard to keep up. Check out Andersen’s awesome new architectural collection here and see for yourself why they have the best windows in the business.

Asphalt Shingles

Whether you’re creating a small room addition or building a new garage, you’re more than likely going to use asphalt shingles to cover the roof. With so many shingle varieties and hundreds of companies to choose from, I’ve installed and repaired just about every kind of shingle on the market. But the shingle supply company that stands out on my list is GAF. Their Timberline lifetime shingles are the best in the business and they look good too. They also have a huge collection of EnergyStar shingles that increase your homes energy efficiency and are tax deductible too!


Another building product that’s a must-have in any room addition or new construction project is insulation. When most homeowners think of insulation, they think of the Pink Panther commercials and Owens-Corning insulation. But their materials are often short the specified coverage and R-value is often less than actually written on the bag. I’ve been using CertainTeed products for years and will continue to do so because of their superior coverage and high R-value ratings.


Many homes throughout America and Canada have siding. Conventional wood siding is often very expensive and requires costly maintenance and repairs. Vinyl siding is cheap and easy to install, but it looks exactly like its price-cheap. That’s why I always ask homeowners to choose a siding product from James Hardie. Affectionately known as Hardieboard by the workers who install it, this cementious board resists fire, bugs and Mother Nature in general. Paint it regularly or purchase the ColorPlus Technology siding for the ultimate in low maintenance siding materials.


Plumbing may seem like an odd category but the majority of room additions, remodeling projects and add-ons are either kitchens or bathrooms, making plumbing a must-have choice in most construction projects. I’ve had a chance to work with quite a few well known and unknown plumbing suppliers over the years and by far my favorite to work with was American Standard. They have always had impeccable service and materials with affordable pricing that can’t be beat. Check out their website here and see for yourself why they are the top plumbing supplier in North America.