Let’s face it. Everyone is completely fed up with their boring lifestyle, which does not befit the youth brigade of today who have a modern and rebellious outlook on life and are extremely stubborn at having things their way.

The older generation just don’t accept the fact that today’s children are not what they were in their times. They have moved way beyond their thought process than what 60 to 70 years back their forefathers were.

The youth of current times are well aware of their surroundings and what they want to do in life. They want to live it on their own terms and absolutely hate it when they are dictated to do it in this way or that way and their thoughts are deemed as childish and immature.

They attain maturity quite early in their mid teens and by reaching adolescence, already strike out on their own. They do whatever they want, hang out with friends, get a new house and have a live in relationship with the opposite sex with no qualms and fears.

Apart from these, they enjoy going on camping trips with their peers and that is what they enjoy doing the most.

While we are on this subject, lets discuss about the most important thing they require and that is the tent.

Tents act as miniature homes for them to occupy along with friends for the duration of the trip but since weather and climate are so unpredictable it is necessary for them to have the best waterproof tents with them so that they are safe from rain, wind and hailstorm, which are pretty common in hilly areas.

Some of the best waterproof tents are as follows:

  • Wenzel Klondike
  • Coleman Evanston
  • Kodiak Canvas
  • Coleman Sundome

These are just a few of them to help you decide and that will act as your savior from unpleasant weather throughout your trip.