Doing an online search for money-making opportunities will bring up on your computer screen millions of blogs and websites, all promising to give you the ultimate solution to you current money problems; from the “Rich Jerk” to the millionaire “Beach Bum”, without forgetting the multitude of bloggers that keep talking about making money online without actually making any, those who are stuck in the sandbox like I used to be. Well today I am getting out of this sandbox and if you want to do something positive in your life, all you have to do is apply the following magic formula to make money online monetizing blogs.

For starters, if you don’t already have one, open a free Pay Pal account; go to and follow the instructions. All you need is the basic package that allows you to receive payments securely through your email address.

Open a free blogger account: this is very easy; just go to and use your current email address in order to register; you will then be able to create as many blogs as you like. Choose a few subjects that interest you, they can be anything you like, from making money online to celebrities, crafts, recipes or even tourism in Hawaii, as long as you can find enough free content online that is related to your chosen topics. I recommend you to start with just one at first. As you get used to working on this blog, you will find it easier to find new topics and create a number of new blogs at your own pace. If you want this system to work, you will need a minimum of thirty blogs; there is no limit on the maximum of blogs you can have, as long as you can manage to update them all regularly, at least three times a week.

Apply for a free Adsense account. Visit to submit your blog’s details. It may take up to two weeks for Google to approve your application so be patient; in the meantime, you will be able to experiment with your blog or blogs. Adsense is a programme that will pay you for displaying their advertisements and this is how you will monetize your blogs. There are other advertising programmes available on the Internet, such as Bidvertiser or Adbrite that you can also sign up to but I think it is better to start with Adsense, as it is the easiest one to use with blogger. Adsense pays you via Pay Pal, so make sure you use the same email address when you register to both programmes. Read all the terms and conditions as some topics, such as adult content, anything showing how to make explosives or bombs, or promoting any kind of violence, will be rejected.

Visit as many free article directories as you can; those allow you to submit your own articles or download free articles written by others that you can display on your own blogs, provided that you do not modify them in any way. One very popular free article directory is Ezine Articles but there are many others. You must also make yourself familiar with your chosen directories’ terms and conditions, as some of them only allow you to download a limited number of free articles per year or month; this is why you will need to become member of more than one. When uploading an article to one of your blogs, it is very important to retain the author box with all live links and to disclose your content’s source, usually by linking to the article directory that provided you with the article; not only you are required to do so, it will also gain your blogs more outbound links.

Now that the content and outbound links have been taken care of, it is time to think of inbound links; this is one thing that bloggers struggle a lot with, as it can be quite difficult to get another website or blog to link to their own. This is very important because a higher number of inbound links should earn you higher Page Ranks, meaning that your blogs will be easier to find by the Internet search engines and more importantly, by people looking for information online; and as you already know, more visitors mean more money for you. Since you will have at least thirty sites, getting inbound links will be very easy: all you need to do is have a list with links to all of your other blogs on the navigation bar or at the bottom of your blogs and remember to update this anytime you create a new one.

You can now choose articles to display on each of your blogs; one important thing to remember is that it usually takes about three months for a blog to be indexed by search engines so do not worry if you don’t see any positive results in that period. Keep updating your sites at least three times a week, choose good quality articles and you will keep your visitors happy. If your visitors enjoy reading your blogs, they will come back and might even bring you more regular readers, meaning more money in your pockets, as you will have successfully applied the magic formula to make money online monetizing blogs.

In conclusion, online money making is not quite difficult if you get the gist of it in the initial stages as all it requires is creative thinking and make up new schemes that might prove beneficial to the project in hand. Website marketing tampa is a good online portal in this matter as it has all the tips and tricks for making online money and survive potential setbacks.