A great way to keep ferret entertained and happy a variety of safe as well as exciting toys are offered in the market. These toys are not only entertaining but also make one learn new things with the movement. They are also safe to be used by ferrets, and hence the ferret owners love to go for them. The toys to be selected for ferret should be chosen with durability and must not have any safety hazard to your pet. There are many different types of ferrets toys:

Marshall Super Thru-way: Tunnels are mostly loved by ferrets, this toy of an extreme tunnel undoubtedly provides lots of entertainment. The tunnel is designed to be flexible and stretches up to 20 feet, and to watch the fun is clear.  

Kong Ferret Toy: Kong is a hollow rubber toy designed for ferrets. Its hollow space can be filled with a favorite treat of your ferret to make it an excellent tool to distract it. It moves and bounces in random ways. 

Super pet Crinkle Tunnel: This tunnel is 2 feet long with an additional feature of a peek-a-boo hole in the middle. The crinkle tunnel toy makes noises when ferret runs through it. 

Marshall Pet Octo-Play-The toy is shaped in an octopus, made up of soft fleece, the body offers a great hole for hiding in, arms each of 5 foot long acts as a tunnel for hiding in and playing peek a boo from halfway, as each arm and end has a hole. The toy has a twin function of a cozy sleeping spot and multi-tunnel.

Marshall Sports Balls: This toy is a miniature version of various balls like football, baseball, soccer ball, or tennis ball. Each pack contains two balls; they are soft from the exterior with bells inside them. They are fun to play with and can be easily carried.