Reba was a hit TV show that chronicled the lives of the Hart family. Fans tuned in weekly to see Barbara Jean annoy the heck out of Reba, Van and Cheyenne fight, and to see how Brock would screw things up again. All in all, the show provided a glimpse into how divorce and teen pregnancy affects a family, the awkward situations they create, and also the love that can still exist between exes and in-laws. But now fans are wondering, “Where are they now?”

Jake Hart: Little kid no longer, Mitch Holleman will turn 16 in the fall of 2011. Since Reba ended, he’s had a couple of acting jobs. He’s had an uncredited role in the movie The Hangover, and a part in the Disney Channel pilot called Shake It Up!

Kyra Hart: Although she had to leave the show for a while in order to battle anorexia, Scarlett Pomers has recovered and is doing quite well. She went into the music industry while on Reba, and has become a successful rock musician. Her band, SCARLETT released an EP called Insane in early 2011.

Cheyenne Montgomery: After playing everybody’s favorite teen mom, Joanna Garcia-Swisher has been a busy woman. She was engaged to Trace Ayala, broke the engagement, and then got engaged and married to fellow actor Nick Swisher. She’s also had a very busy acting career, with recurring roles in the TV shows Welcome to the Captain, Privileged, Gossip Girl, and Better With You. In addition, she had a role in Extreme Movie, and in several TV movies.

Van Montgomery: After playing the goofy husband for years, Steve Howey has also continued a busy acting career. He’s had roles in five movies, including Something Borrowed and Bride Wars. He’s landed recurring roles in several TV series. To top it all off, he got married to actress Sarah Shahi and they now have a son together.

Brock Hart: Fans tuned in weekly to see just what mess Brock would get into with either his ex Reba or his current wife, Barbara Jean. Veteran actor Christopher Rich has landed recurring roles in the hit TV shows Boston Legal and Desperate Housewives. He is married to model/actress Eva Halina, and they have twin daughters.

Barbara Jean Hart: The Ethel to Reba’s Lucy, Melissa Peterman has been busy the past few years. She’s had recurring roles in several TV shows, and even starred in her own CMT sitcom Working Class. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after 12 episodes. She’s also married and has one five year old son.

Reba Hart: And last, but certainly not least, we have Reba, everyone’s favorite red head. Wildly successful before the TV show, she has continued to have a fabulous career after it. She has launched her own clothing line and created yet another #1 song called Consider Me Gone. She also had a role in the movie Wanderlust and has had several guest roles on many of her former co-stars sitcoms.

All in all, the cast of Reba has found that there is indeed life out there, after the show. With such a talented group of people, Reba fans will be entertained for years to come, by the reruns of Reba and by the cast’s new, though separate, ventures. You can learn and watch all of their future projects as you get catmouse for your android device. You can watch the work of your favorite actor or actress from the cast for free along with tons of other movies and shows from around the world.