While most people seem to hate ABC announcer Brent Musberger, I’m one of the few who can’t live without him calling games on Saturday afternoons during college football season.

Nothing sends chills down my spine like the moment the ABC cameras switch to an aerial shot of either Michigan Stadium or The Shoe and Brent chimes in with his famous…”YOU…ARE…LOOKING LIIIIIVE” opening line.

From there, it only gets better. Musberger is the antithesis of the modern-day football announcer, that is to say he’s anything but boring and full of himself (cough Joe Buck cough). He’s an old-fashioned, friendly guy who loves his football and enjoys his job to the fullest, and that passion comes through every Saturday during college football season and also in his college basketball broadcasts during the winter days.

Brent’s never shy talking about anything from politics and TV shows to his penchant for throwing back a few brews after the game with the viewing audience. You know that just about everything he says is genuine, almost like he’s just a long-time fan watching the game.

Then there’s the voice. It’s always brimming with excitement and Brent certainly has a flair for the dramatic. He can sense when the momentum’s about to turn and when the big plays are about to take place, he reacts accordingly.

Of course, there are tons of people out there who will disagree with me. Most of them don’t like Brent and claim he’s biased against their team. This is an assertion I’ve seen on message boards of several different teams, especially Michigan’s. Brent does go a little overboard in his reverence of the underdog and seems to root a bit for upsets sometimes, but most of his supposed “bias” can be chalked up to his tendency to ride the team that has the momentum on its side.

Fans like to be reassured and consoled a little bit when their teams start to falter, especially considering many of them have a lot of experience listening to local broadcasters who take the homer perspective, and they tend to get very frustrated when things don’t go well and Musberger starts to praise the team that’s inflicting the pain at the moment.

But what I like about Brent is that once the other team starts to play better, he reacts accordingly and goes crazy when they start to make their run, further adding to the tension and drama of the game. He makes things exciting even when the game is out of reach for one of the teams and he always manages to keep me entertained when there’s a break in the action, much like a good baseball announcer filling dead air space with amusing anecdotes.

Just how much do I enjoy listening to Musberger call a game? Well, perhaps my favorite sports call of all-time is his “HOOOOOLLLLY BUUUCCCKKKKEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYEEE” call in the OSU-Purdue game of 2002, and by now you all should know how much I hate Ohio State. He’s just that good and he’s part of the reason he’s my favorite college football announcer, period.

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