There are many kinds of topic that you would love to explore and write about. There are many people out there who hate simply sitting idle at home, doing nothing and simply wile away their time.

They are all outgoing, outspoken and rebellious youngsters who are out to prove themselves that they are no less than anyone else. But, they intend to do it in their own way.

They are not the ones to rely on their parents to provide support (except moral) nor are they at the mercy of school teachers. They do not allow any university degree or certificate to prove their usefulness or worth in the outside world.

On the contrary, they love to keep the world at their fingertips and make the best of individuals from different fields to dance to their tunes and what’s more, they are successful in doing so with absurd ease.

They make and charter their own paths as per their convenience that is entirely based on their career choices that is unique and diversified and this constant shifting of preference makes them unstable and sometimes dangerous.

Fortunately for them, in 2009, there came a ‘currency revolution’ called the bitcoin that proved to be a golden opportunity for them in turning their passion into career.

The bitcoin is a crypto currency or digital currency that is decentralized in nature and does not have a central bank nor any kind of financial institution to watch over and monitor its actions.

You just need to hop over to this website called to give you a description of bitcoin, its process, benefits and limitations, pros and cons, and take you on a virtual tour to get to understand crypto-currency in its entirety.

Aside from bitcoin, you will also get to know more about other digital currencies competing in parallel with each other like limecoin, ripples, ethereum and others.