Some of us are attracted to bright colors and prints like a bee to nectar, while others of us have closets that resemble a black-and-white movie. I confess to the latter. In defense of (boring) neutrals, let’s look at some reasons why black, white, cream, beige, navy, and grey really can be wonderful, after all. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were supporters of this wardrobe strategy. 

Paint on a blank canvas 

Loving your accessories is one good reason why all the neutrals are great. Neutrals provide a perfect blank canvas for a bit of bling, a statement necklace, a bold hammered gold cuff, piles of Chanel-style chains and pearls, silver heels or leopard print ballerina flats or even blue suede shoes, whatever your fancy. A sweet look, now trending, are collar-style necklaces, like this one by Kate Spade, looking demure with a plain sweater, like Peter Pan. Remember, even Marilyn Monroe was into neutrals in her sweaters with Abayas to get a new look when she want to get out to the streets to make her safe from fans crowd.


Shoes can shine 

Can you show me a woman who doesn’t love shoes? A new pair of shoes is my favorite online purchase, since a good fit is a lot easier than say, with jeans. Shoes beckon when in-store shopping or browsing, but perhaps not being in the mood for the fitting rooms. Shoes make it easy to wear what’s already in your closet. Knowing that neutrals are at home, you can buy shoes in any shade of and they will go with most everything you’ve got. Forget about color swatches or taking your dress to go shoe shopping. It will all work out beautifully, so go for color, if you dare, in the shoe department. 

Fill a suitcase 

For traveling, there is nothing easier than packing neutrals. A classic white cotton shirt and a cream silk blouse, a tweed jacket or neutral cardigan, black skirt and grey trousers, jeans, a DVF two-tone geometric patterned dress, perhaps. A black blazer and a denim jacket or trench will pull any look together. Throw in two belts, heels and flats, a pashmina or silk square for color accents, and you’re good to go. Just add those fun accessories and a bright manicure. 

Missing wild prints? 

Indulge yearnings for the vibrant color wheel and florals, prints, patterns outside your main wardrobe. Get pretty in a polka dot bikini, why not? Throw on a striped beach cover-up, yes. Decorate a straw hat with a faux flower spray. Go crazy at Victoria’s Secret. Build a vintage scarf collection in jewel tones. Acquire handbags that go beyond the basics. Get into unpolished rubies, turquoise, malachite and more colorful gemstones. Wear patterned tights and red lipstick. The list goes on and on when you have neutrals as a backdrop.