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The Adjustment Bureau

This is one of those movies that has a hint of Christianity and the importance of Free will which we sometimes take for granted.

Let me give you a brief rundown on the plot. A young man running for the NY State Senate who is on the brink of winning the election loses it due to a college prank he did years earlier. Disappointed that he lost he goes to the men’s room to think about his concession speech when all of a sudden a woman comes out from one of the stalls and yes you guessed it he falls for her, but then his advisor comes to him and tells him to hurry out of the men’s room so he can make his speech. He says his goodbyes to the woman he has just met hoping he will get the chance to meet her again.

On his way to work one day, he gets on the bus and guesses what? there she is, they get to talking and he gets her phone number unaware that there are beings that don’t want them to get together. He gets to work, he is now working for a law firm and says hello to people as he is walking to his office and does not notice that these people are not moving it seems they are suspended in time. He gets to his office where he sees strange men probing his friend, naturally, he asks what’s going on and one of them says get him and he starts running but he does not get too far, they tie him to a chair and tell him who they are. At one point he asks are they Angels? one of them says we have been called that and they refer to their Boss as the Chairman which we can interpret is God. They explain to him he can not be with the girl that he has fallen for because it is not according to the plan for his life or hers. They inform him that he cannot tell anyone about them or they will erase his memory and it would be as if he had lost his mind.

No matter how hard they try to keep them apart he and the young woman always tend to meet messing up the plans of the Bureau.

As always I won’t go too much more into the plot for those of you who want to see this movie, but I will say be well-rested when you see this movie because there are some slow parts in the movie that will put you to sleep if you are tired. Not to say that it is not a good movie it’s just that it is slow in a few parts.

The ending was a little of a surprise, you notice I said a little of a surprise because some people will guess the outcome about 3/4 into the movie. If you have not watched the movie yet, then you can click on 132 movies to watch this movie in HD quality that too for free. So just grab your popcorn bucket and start watching it.

Five Well-Known Building Supply Companies

Whether you’re remodeling, adding on to your existing home or building from scratch, there are always building supply companies that stand out from the rest to become the best. But they’re not always easy to find for the uninitiated homeowner. Often, the long trial and error guessing games of choosing a building supply company’s products, end up costing you more money and time sorting through the mess than if you just had picked a random construction supplier in the first place. That’s why I created this list of quality construction supply firms to help homeowners find the best construction materials without the years of research that go with it. These construction recruitment agencies are some of the best companies in this industry. You get an unmatched quality with their experience and professionalism. Here are the best five construction agencies that are credible and you can opt for them without any second thoughts.


New window installation is often a big part of any remodeling, renovation or new construction project. Windows are more than just a pretty frame and a piece of glass. Window design can make all the difference in your home’s energy efficiency and your heating and cooling bills can certainly reflect that after installation. All the windows I’ve installed over the years could fill a factory, but the ones I always tout are Andersen Windows. They work better than any other window I’ve installed and they come in so many different styles, it’s hard to keep up. Check out Andersen’s awesome new architectural collection here and see for yourself why they have the best windows in the business.

Asphalt Shingles

Whether you’re creating a small room addition or building a new garage, you’re more than likely going to use asphalt shingles to cover the roof. With so many shingle varieties and hundreds of companies to choose from, I’ve installed and repaired just about every kind of shingle on the market. But the shingle supply company that stands out on my list is GAF. Their Timberline lifetime shingles are the best in the business and they look good too. They also have a huge collection of EnergyStar shingles that increase your homes energy efficiency and are tax deductible too!


Another building product that’s a must-have in any room addition or new construction project is insulation. When most homeowners think of insulation, they think of the Pink Panther commercials and Owens-Corning insulation. But their materials are often short the specified coverage and R-value is often less than actually written on the bag. I’ve been using CertainTeed products for years and will continue to do so because of their superior coverage and high R-value ratings.


Many homes throughout America and Canada have siding. Conventional wood siding is often very expensive and requires costly maintenance and repairs. Vinyl siding is cheap and easy to install, but it looks exactly like its price-cheap. That’s why I always ask homeowners to choose a siding product from James Hardie. Affectionately known as Hardieboard by the workers who install it, this cementious board resists fire, bugs and Mother Nature in general. Paint it regularly or purchase the ColorPlus Technology siding for the ultimate in low maintenance siding materials.


Plumbing may seem like an odd category but the majority of room additions, remodeling projects and add-ons are either kitchens or bathrooms, making plumbing a must-have choice in most construction projects. I’ve had a chance to work with quite a few well known and unknown plumbing suppliers over the years and by far my favorite to work with was American Standard. They have always had impeccable service and materials with affordable pricing that can’t be beat. Check out their website here and see for yourself why they are the top plumbing supplier in North America.

New NCAA Rule: Foul Play, or Just Plain Foul?

Saw this a few days ago, and felt like I needed to weigh in on these proposed rule changes by the NCAA Rules Committee. Read the article (it’s not very long), and then read the commentary below.

I understand the reason for these proposed rule changes by the NCAA.

Really, I do.

Obviously I have no beef with the concussion rulings; those are extremely important measures that are primarily in place to protect the athletes from life-threatening injury. My alma mater – the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – does a ton of concussion research every year, and only recently have the NFL and the NCAA started to really pay attention. These changes are long overdue and I commend the NCAA for taking concussions more seriously.

However, I don’t agree with the changes regarding taunting or celebrations at all. College athletes are 17-23 year old men who like to go out in their spare time, drink, party, and engage in various forms of debauchery when they’re not in class or not at practice. In a game-time environment, especially for games on big stages (national championships, major bowl games, heated conference battles, and especially emotional rivalry contests), keeping your emotions in check is very difficult to do.

But overall, despite some people saying that these kinds of antics are unnecessary or bad for the game, I personally love it when a team or player is willing to take the 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty (which exists purely for this reason) to make themselves look like idiots.

I can’t get enough of it.

It’s like watching a train wreck. Or a monster truck rally. Or a frat guy arm wrestle a biker. You know what’s going to happen…but you can’t turn away. And you want to watch it over…and over…and over again.

Can you honestly tell me that those are not entertaining to watch? Or at the very least, interesting? The ESPN documentary “The U” – which coincidentally, if you haven’t watched it…get off your ass and watch it because it’s fantastic – was one of the most interesting and entertaining things to watch purely from the standpoint that you were watching a bunch of amateur athletes push the boundaries of amateurism – both on and off the field.

It seems as though the NCAA is purposefully trying to take everything fun out of the game, including and certainly not limited to any amount of personal expression, be that a Bible verse on eye black or the beginnings of a sure touchdown celebration at the 15 yard line. Robbing college athletes of the fun and exciting passion they play with is exactly what will ruin the sport…and where’s the fun in that?

I’m all for governing college football and keeping it “family-friendly”. The NCAA is concerned for a variety of reasons – competitive equality, game delays, bad publicity, and potential injuries to name a few – at the antics of some players and teams, but let’s be honest – this is EXACTLY why the 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty exists. The NCAA has already caught a TON of flack for this, especially in the wake of this incident: feature;=related (Washington and BYU, 2008)

Why open yourself up for more criticism? To protect the sanctity of the game? To “maintain the game’s image”? To “reflect the ideals of the NCAA”?

What ideals are those? The quest to make every NCAA athlete an emotionless robot? The desire to eliminate any potential opportunities for the NCAA to look bad? The stubborn adherence by the NCAA to antiquated and impossible standards?

Like it or not, college football – and college sports in general – thrive on raw, pure, unadulterated emotion. And when adults get in the way, that emotion is lost. Let these amateur athletes represent themselves the way they want to.

College sports will be better for it.

To be a part of NCAA is a matter of pride and privilege, with not many sportspersons in the field, except for those who were extraordinary in various fields. College sports are entirely different as its all healthy and casual with little room for rivalry and animosity but NCAA is at national level and is no less than 토토사이트 for players on opposite sides.

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