Using cloud rendering farm in order to improve and develop your digital content and work is quite effective. You can get several benefits of using these such as saving a lot on hardware and software, moreover, this can help you in dealing with tight deadlines, and managing your work. With the market full of quality 3d rendering service using cloud rendering can give you quite an edge over your competitors. Which is why you can start using these services offered by Zync. Using this service can be very helpful in terms of scaling your business. In order to use Zync, you can follow several easy steps and get started with it:

  • You start by creating your account on the official Zync website. You can easily create your account with the help of your Google email. In order to set up your billing address you will also need a credit card.
  • The next step in this process is to install the Zync app on your computer. It is a small app that is responsible for maintaining the connection from your computer and the Zync cloud infrastructure. You need a faster and stable connection in order to use the app up to its full potential.
  • You can thereafter install the plug-ins and other relevant software in order to make the app work more smoothly.
  • As you start with the app make sure that Arnold is your default render. This will help you with the demo setup. Thereby you can even review all of your scenes in Maya and send the results to Zync for the final step.
  • Once you start with the whole process you can test the quality of your work with the help of test frames. Using Zync for this is a good way of saving a lot of time throughout the whole process.
  • You can start the tests by using low-resolution images so that the software can process the task much faster.
  • Once you are done with the project you can upload that to the Zync database and you are done with the whole task just like that.