In this all new bundle players will experience a battlefield joyride like never before! Once purchasing this product you are officially a subscribed member of Battlefield 3: Premium. The benefits aren’t just the maps, but also the fact that premium member get to play the maps and download it 2 weeks earlier than non premium members. With that being said, you do not have to be premium to get the map packs, but with the calculations being done each map pack separately is 15 dollars.All the map packs together would amount to 75 dollars if bought separately and buyers would not get benefits that premium members get, such as soldier upgrades,strategy guides, in game camouflages, weapons, new knife for premium players, and much more! The deal is economic and requires no disk but instead downloaded from online stores such as, PSN store (PlayStation Network Store), Xbox Live, or for PC gamers on

The premium all together gives you 20 new maps, 20 new weapons , 10 plus new vehicles , 4 or more game modes, 30 or more assignments, and 20 or more online Dog Tags. The idea of it to be a member has many benefits but for now details are still tight, considering the fact it was released on June 4th 2012. The add-on continues until March 2013, giving the maps: Back To Karkand, a bundle of maps containing previous maps of Battlefield 2 which was released in 2005.

Another map pack is called close quarters, which was released with premium. While Back To Karkand was released on the 13th of December 2011 for PC, Xbox 360, and Ps3. Although Ps3 customers received this downloadable content earlier than other console customers. And those who have purchased the Limited edition of Battlefield 3, got it free when it came out. Anyways, close quarters is a downloadable content that came out on June 4th 2012 containing 10 new weapons, 10 new assignments, five unique dog tags, a new game mode called conquest domination (in other words a smaller mapped conquest for the four new maps), and a new addition called HD destruction. Now we all know the graphics and Dices’ Frostbite 2 engine was pretty advanced and incredible, now we have smaller close quarter maps with more destruction due to its size and the fact that its in HD.

The 3rd map pack is called Armored Kill and will be released around September 2012 according to EA. This downloadable content is focused on vehicular maps and armored warfare. Such as new vehicles both air and ground. Details at this point of infantry weapons are not yet known. What we do know for sure for all you BF3 fans EA has a special treat, calling one of the maps in this DLC, “The biggest map in BF history.”

The game already has its share of huge maps, but a lot of people are anxious about this idea and are very excited.

All we have left are two DLC’s and details are very tight. The release dates aren’t exact yet, but for now we know that Aftermath comes out in December of 2012, while “End Game” comes out in March 2013. No need to listen to rumors, we should all wait for official EA details and comments. So until then we’ll just have to sit back enjoy what map packs come out, and wait for what’s next. But don’t worry like I said, in between there will be things as soldier upgrades, video tips, exclusive content and much more! Battlefield 3 is pulling out all the stops on the thrilling video game, Battlefield 3! For more battlefield 3 stuff you can check out Agen Judi Bola Euro 2020. You get a tips and recommendations that will help you with your gameplay.