Boxing is a very useful way to vent extra aggression and frustration and can help one improve physical and mental health as well. If, because of some reason, you haven’t been able to train professionally but want to practice it at home, you can try these exercises and do an intense workout without needing to use any professional training equipment.

Exercises for home workout

  • Jump Rope

You can do this exercise easily for a minute or so and feel the wonderful effects of this exercise on your body. Jump rope is a pretty classical way to warm-up before boxing can is perfect to do at home.

  • Squat Jumps

You can burn the excessive fat in your legs and buttocks easily and strengthen your leg area by just doing this exercise for a few minutes.

  • A Complex circuit

This exercise involves a lot of hard work but can be done at home without any prior preparation. There are 3 exercises involved in this circuit namely – high knees, mountain climbers and burpees. You can do them for three minutes in a set and feel your body warm up intensely from the workout.

  • Sit-ups

You can do workout for your abs by doing a variety of set-ups such as classic sit-ups and bicycle crunches. You can try a lot more variations of sit-ups in succession and count the reps to improve yourself.

  • Shadowboxing

You can try to punch out the air in various ways and use various combinations to do an effective and interesting yet tiring workout for your arms.

When you complete this workout, you’ll be tired but you would feel the energy as well. When you are relaxing, you can try Bandar Bola to earn some money while playing games.