On almost a daily basis, we receive certain commercial messages in our email which can be targeted to a set of audience such as potential or current customers. This is known as email marketing. Mainly used for brand awareness, it is a medium of advertising loyalty and solicitations for sales. Furthermore, this procedure is used to strengthen client and dealer relationships make them more vivid as it might lead to a rise in sales.

These emails can be generated in two forms: transactional or direct. To qualify for the first type, the email must fulfill the purpose of facilitating or confirming commercial transactions that the customer had previously showed interest in. The second type, however, includes promotional messages to prospective customers.

Choose from the top 5 email marketing tools.

Many email marketing services provide these benefits to small businesses or budding entrepreneurs at cost-effective prices. The top 5 can be stated as:

  • AWeber: This platform provides up to 150 templates and also hosts simple tools. Allows customization, list management, tracking of performance, and deliverability.
  • Campaigner: Contains simple email tools that provide up to 1200 possible variations. Allows tracking of disposable email, customization, organization, deliverability.
  • Constant Contact: A tool that also provides free coaching and extends support through phone, email, and chats. Allows customization, security, Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter, and deliverability.
  • GetResponse: Allows small business owners to deliver information by converting subscribers into paying customers. Other features include tracking, list management, customization, and message preview.
  • iContact: Allows customization with drag-and-drop message creation tools, social media tracking, and deliverability.

All of these platforms provide more or less the same features but vary in their costs. However, one can check online on yepmail.co to compare and find for the most cost-effective and time-saving approach. Moreover, choosing the right option should be considered beyond the price. One can also assess the functions of these platforms from time to time and finally land on their best pick.