The silver jewelry has been worn since ancient times by both men and women in terms of body jewelry or as shields for defense. The reason behind it is that sterling silver jewelry gives you the perfect stunning look, and is very readily affordable. There are some frequently asked questions about sterling silver that I am here to answer!

First things first: what does it mean by 925 silver?

It means that the silver jewelry you are buying contains 92.5% of pure silver, and the remaining 7.5% is the base metals or impurities used in it. This is done to increase the life of the jewelry, protect it from normal scratches and dents.

How to clean it?

Simple dust can be cleaned with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use your nails! Then there are silver dip cleaners available in the market that makes the jewelry as sparkly as new.

How to store it?

The basic step to make the jewelry last longer is to keep it in the box gently after you take it off. Don’t keep it in heat or fluorescent light as it can get tarnished there.

How to check the purity of the jewelry?

There will be label displaying the type of silver used in the jewelry or a stamp of 925. You can even get it tested in the labs.

Lastly, silver jewelry is considered as good jewelry. It protects us from cold & flu, anxiety and temper issues. But you could be allergic to the base metal in the jewelry so check it out beforehand. Also, you can get it plated with other metal to make it last longer. You can even resize it and engrave stuff on it according to you!