Are you about to build a gaming computer for the first time? Well, if it’s your first time, it’s natural to feel little jittery inside. But don’t worry, building a gaming computer is no rocket science. The main task is to assemble the right parts and then the process will be seamless. The post below offers a handy beginner’s guide for building gaming computers.

Consider you needs and budget

The type of games that you wish to play on the gaming computer play a crucial role in determining  the budget and performance metrics of the parts you will buy. If you want to play entry-level games, start with a budget of minimum $300-$400. For state of the art modern games, you will need to allot a budget of something like $600 & more.

Choose the right CPU & motherboard

When it comes to CPUs for gaming computers, you have the option to choose from two major options here- Intel and AMD. The Intel ones are undoubtedly great for gaming given their more powerful single-core processor performance- highly crucial for modern games. The AMD ones are cool for multi-tasking operating thanks to their multiple cores. You can check this link for more information.

You will have to buy the motherboard from the same brand you get the CPU.

Get a premium GPU

The Graphic Card or GPU is largely responsible for ensuring a killer gaming experience on your gaming computer. Thus, you can’t skimp on your budget. In fact, as per experts, you will have to allot around 1/3rd of total budget for GPU. The two brands that are chief players in the GPU market are AMD and Nvidia. Among these, the latter ones are known for a more superior performance.

Other tips

  • The computer’s RAM should be minimum 8GB
  • When it comes to storage, a SSD will be more suitable than HDD