The world of sports is very vast and interesting. There is something or the other that keeps on taking place every day or the other. Matt Kelly Barnes is a well-known basketball player of American origin who got retired after playing his last match of the league in the year 2017. He has been a prominent member of the National Basketball Association, usually abbreviated to NBA however; and he has a track record of losing his temper on the football court.

What is the latest news regarding Matte Kelly Barnes that rose up recently?

Ever since he got retired, he has been in contact with the world basketball as a basketball coach of his son’s basketball team. However recently, he has been in the news after his name came up in a famous social media post. As he lost his temper on the basketball court, he was forced to leave by the other coaches. Even though he was ejected, he decided not to leave and coach the players from outside the gym. There is an entire footage that surfaced online that has the entire incident.

What was the aftereffect of the incident?

As it appears, Barnes probably regretted his action. The purpose of a coach is to lead, help and inspires the players. But, nevertheless, the behavior of Barnes was not appropriate considering that there were young players and children present in the court. They should have an idol to look up to as a sportsman especially when it comes to a well-known and highly talented former professional football league player.

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