All jobs in the world are cool and respectable and if you are in the woodworking industry, it is nothing to be ashamed of. However, like any other jobs, people in that industry also faces hindrances and difficulties. One example of a problem for them is a drill press. Sounds simple but it is not. Drill press or drill machine are used to drill a hole in a worpiece. A drill press is known to be so expensive and some workers can’t just afford to buy right away. As a result, they can’t complete any woodworking projects nor make them. Some people wouldn’t mind investing in it as this is necessary to their works but some find it uncomfortable. A solution to this problem is to try to build a drill press machine at home. Don’t know how to do it? Here are the steps:

  1. Connect the column to the base

Drill a 10mm hole in the middle of the board and keep it in the 90 degree angle. Before tightening it, put an aluminum washer on the bolt.

  1. Making the cube

Know the diameter of your column. Let just say that the internal sides of the cube should be 60 mm and the height is 80mm. Clamp tightly the wood onto the table, mark the dimensions you need to cut, and it is advisable to use a speed square to guide the cutting. Assemble the pieces to make a cube and clamp it together to the column.

  1. Make the spacers

Cut two pieces of 80mm long (based on the dimension on step no. 2), and then glue and clamp them together. Attach the spacers onto the cube.

  1. Making the feet

Cut four pieces of wood with a length of 4.5 cm. After that, drill pilot holes and in each corner, put a screw for each piece.

  1. Connect the drill to the cube

Cut and glue two 12cm long pieces of wood and drill a 10mm chole in its sides. Cut another piece with the same length and drill again a 10mm hole. Tighten two bolts washers together to sandwich the drill.

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