Apart from the opportunity to capture Pokemon and explore the great outdoors, one of the best things about Pokemon Go is that it can be an avenue for you to bond with people and make new friends. This is one feat that can’t be done in the older versions of the game. As a matter of fact, there are other articles that you can also find on platforms like STEEMIT which talk about such a phenomena. With that said, here are some of the things that you ought to know about making friends, trading, and gifts on Pokemon Go.

Friends and Friendship Levels

Just like a social media platform, the new Pokemon Go will allows you to have friends, which you can find on an in-game list. There are also Friendship Levels, which will also bring forth great benefits in terms of your progress. First of all, in having higher friendship levels, you get more damage whenever you do team raids friends. You can also get more pokeballs and other items from your friends through gifting and exchanging. You can also give out your trainer code to your friends of choice. There are four levels for friends on the game, from Good, Great, Ultra, and Best, which will increase with every interaction.


Receiving a special gift happens whenever you visit a Gym or a PokeStop, and can be opened either by you or by your friend. These gifts can contain in them special and rare items, one of which is an egg which could hatch and contain an Alolan Form of a Pokemon, which has been discovered in Kanto. You might need other friends to open it however. Also note that the gift has a postcard, where you can showcase where the Gift has been picked up.