Well, you must have seen that whenever you order something that is either fancy or luxury, these products come in custom rigid boxes. Also, these rigid boxes can be customized if the occasion is a special one. These boxes are four times thicker in comparison to the average folding boxes.

Just as the name says it all these boxes are sturdy and rigid. Most of the luxury purchases that you make usually come in such rigid boxes. Maybe an expensive pair of shoes or some fancy accessories.

The styles of the rigid boxes:

The hinged lids rigid boxes

the lid of the rigid box is attached here and will be there permanently and also it will be kept closed due to the gravitational force. Normally, these boxes are of great use when it comes for products that are usually used on a frequent basis but yet need to be kept in their packaging when not being used. One common example is the wristwatch. The style for this type of rigid boxes will include book style rigid box.

The telescope lids rigid boxes

this is the type of a lid which will cover the entire base. Depending on how much of the base is being covered it is known as the full telescope or partial telescope. The styles of this box include the classic shoebox, the shoulder box, and the shell and slide box.

With just a few of the fundamentals of the styles of these boxes, you can have an idea about such boxes. Well, it is not just about the luxury but it provides great protection, and durability if the product needs to be transported from one place to another. Also, such boxes can come handy to store delicate products which need constant care and proper handling.