Everyone has that bathroom singing experience. No matter whatever is the age group, music brings a smile to every face. Everyone likes to song. That may not be proper singing with all the notes at place, but bathroom singing too. But then the problem arises with the lyrics. It becomes very difficult to remember the lyrics. But then app review is available to make our lives easier.

Song loader app

Song loader app is an android app in the entertainment category. It is an excellent app that has all the karaoke songs loaded in it. It is helpful for anyone who wishes to improve his or her singing with the help of an app. It allows voice recording feature in high quality. It gives you the features where the user can edit the voice even after recording. It has all the audio effects that are required for professional editing. There are various songs of all the countries and you can sort them according to your preference.

How to add the karaoke videos using the song loader app

The song loader app is so easy and convenient to use that adding karaoke videos using it is no big deal. All you need is the app and a USB drive. As soon as you plug in the USB drive, you will get a message to select the songs that you wish to add. You will have to name the files and check all the boxes that are available. Then you will be directed to a page where you will have to click proceed and then you are ready with all the songs that you have added using the song loader app. This app is really easy to use and adding songs using it just takes a few easy steps.