A fire sprinklers is a great way to protect your building from extensive damage in the event of a fire. They can hugely minimize any sort of damage wrought upon the building due to the accidental fire. Fire sprinklers Kent is highly sensitive, accurate and safe measures to prevent damage in fire incidents. Some types of sprinklers you should look into depending upon your building are:

Wet Pipe Fire

The heat from a fire causes a sprinkler head to expand and burst to give out water. It has pipes that contain water for such incidents. The heads work independently and only burst when they are exposed to heat. The advantage is that only those heads burst who have triggered this saving from damage if there is a false alarm. Quite commonly used in buildings.

Dry Pipe Fire

For places having the old climate, the wet pipe system could end up being freezes and rendered useless. That’s where this system fits in. Unlike water for a wet pipe system, this system contains air.  They are more sophisticated and hence more expensive. Water is let out only when a sprinkler head is set off. Since water is not in the pipes, the time taken for response is higher in this one.

Foam Fire

It has both water and foam to effectively neutralize a fire. This sprinkler system is employed in buildings which are more vulnerable to fire incidents and hazards.

Pre-action Fire

This system came about to utilize the ease and flexibility of a wet pipe system and also leverage the sophistication of dry pipe sprinklers. So they are more proactive and flexible at the same time. They also are quite expensive and hard to maintain. These are used in buildings where even a single fire incidence can incur huge losses like data depository, libraries, and buildings of importance.